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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Claiming my award!

So I was just blessed with this award from my good friend and business partner Dwan Perrin ! Thanks a bunch Dwan :O)
So I got snipped at becuz I haven't taken the time to post this on my blog! So I'm in putting it now for Dwan! The award is awarded like so :
The deal is when receiving this award I have a duty to pass it on. I was given a set of rules...Here are the rules:
-Only five people allowed
-Four have to be dedicated followers of your blog
-One has to be someone new or recently new to your blog and live in another part of the world
-You must link back to whoever gave you the award
So since I think that I have met all the rules I feel that I should pass this award on to :
Well I don't know her name but I know that she is my latest follower and her blog address is :
Signing off,
Sabrae Carter

Well I finsihed my book!

Only took me 3 days to read my book! Which for me is a long time to read a book! Yes I know, I love to read and it usually only takes me a day and a half at most to read a full novel. But with work and emails and just being plain lazy the last few days, it has taken me a bit longer than usual!

I started reading "The Starter Wife" by Gigi Levangie Grazer. Talk about a funny book! I'm sure some of you have seen the ads for it on TV as its coming out soon as a series with Debra Messing as the lead character.... Which is why I wanted to read the book before it comes out on TV. Mainly to get an idea of what to expect.

So I'm going to give you the run down.... Gracie is the main character in the book. She is dumped by her husband of almost 10 years! But yet she is a woman of determination and doesn't let it get her down! Funny thing of all is she falls in love with a homeless man! Yes a homeless man!!! Who turns out is extremely rich!!! I'm not very good at analyzing books at all or describing them. But I will be the first to tell you that it is a book worth reading! The wife just kinda looked at me funny when I first opened it and started reading! :O) She looked at me then the book and then back at me and just kinda shook her head.... then in her funny way states very non-chalantly "Well at least I picked a good one as my starter wife" I look up from the book and just give a blank expression. Then with all my wit say back "Well at least I picked a good second marriage!" She just laughed at me and went to the computer to play mobsters. Shut her up!

Yes I was (well still am) married before! As technically Amy and I are not really married! :O) I know I know confusing! I am married to a jack-ass man who refuses to divorce me! But that is another story all together! Amy and I just had a beautiful civial ceramony and to us (maybe not the world) it means we are married!

But that is way off the topic of my book reading! I suggest you should all go pick it up and read it!!! It's a wonderful book!!! As I have stated plenty thru this blog that probably doesn't make much sense!!! :O)
Signing off,
Sabrae Carter

Monday, September 29, 2008

It's only Monday?

Wow! Sunday went by fast! Must be becuz I slpet thru most of it! (side effects of the sleeping pills!) And when I say slept I mean SLEPT! I have to take sleeping pills in order to get a wonderful nights sleep. Problem is.................. they keep me sleeping thru most of my days! Here's the run down.... Say its 11pm and I'm still wide awake after being up since 5am and can't seem to sleep... ok so I down my sleeping pill......... wait for hours then finally conk out around oh 2 or 3 am..... back up at 5am with the wife to get her out the door for work. (on the days she does have to work) then its either back to bed or force myself to stay awake and get to work! But yesterday...... When I take these so called sleeping pills it feels like a train has hit me and I can't move! I mean they really do wonders on my body! I feel like crap and all I want to do is SLEEP! Guess in the sense they are doing their job! :O) But they don't seem to want to work at night !!!! LOL So while the wife was at work today I slept my day away!!! Woke up I think somewhere in the area of like 3pm in the afternoon and totally avoided the computer becuz I just knew by looking at the blackberry that I had a million and one messages just waiting in cyberspace for me to read them or trash them. Took the dogs out and sat down in the living room and turned on Animal Planet.... Then with horror I looked around our one bedroom apt. and realized that I seriously needed to get on the ball and do some house work....but still wanted to go back to bed!!! OMG!!! Really? It was 3pm in the afternoon on sunday and all my lazy butt wanted to do was SLEEP! But I forced the thought of sleep out of my head and went into the kitchen and started the unhealthy task of doing the dishes! (and i say unhealthy only becuz I was dreading it!) Took out the trash. This is always a fun feat for me becuz I mainly have become a loner in my house! lol I hate anything that takes me outside for even a brief second. So house cleaning mainly done I wonder to myself " what to do now?!" Mind you have had no shower at this point and still in my jammies......

I sit back down and watch more Animal Planet. Becuz for some unknown reason there is NEVER anything on TV during the weekends.... and I cant carry on a conversation with my dogs becuz then I would be put in a looney bin for talking to animals..... so I lay motionless on the couch..... then think to myself..... crap.... have to get dinner ready.... Becuz I know that the wife is going to be HUNGRY (when isnt she hungry) when she gets home.... so I take my lazy butt out to the kitchen .... look around.... NOTHING! I cant think of a single thing to make this woman for dinner! So 7:30pm finally rolls around and she is calling me from the road (almost home) and we make plans to go to McDonalds becuz I just don't feel like cooking... Yea I know... I stay home all day long and she works 12 hour shifts.... but I just didnt feel like it..... So McDonalds it is! I vow to have a wonderful meal for her when she gets home tonight! :O) We come home and eat... and she and I start talking about our day... (usually this is the weekend she has off but she traded places with a woman and worked an extra shift sunday) and I said frankly when asked how my day went............... I SLEPT ALL DAY.... I get this look... and I know what she is thinking even if she doesnt say it... But all she said was "Oh, so you arent going to sleep tonight..." And I quite frankly say.... Oh I'm still butt tired... We watch Cold Case at 9pm and I'm out like a light... well that lasted about 3 hours. I wake up at midnight!!!! and now at 3am I'm here blogging becuz I'm yet again wide awake and will make myself stay that way til the wife gets home from work tonight at 8pm... I just have to get back to my schedule!!! These sleeping pills are just stupid! But if I never took them I swear to you that I would NEVER sleep!

I guess what I have is known as a sleep disorder... but this is not your everyday run of the mill sleep disorder. I am different than your run of the mill person... I am scared to sleep. Yes I said it ... scared to fall asleep. This has always been an issue for me ever since I can remember. Sleeping has never come easy for me but I feel that is getting worse as I get older (and I'm only 25) I am a diagnosed Bi-polar and manic depressent (and no I do NOT take medication). While I know that I am finally to a place where I am comfortable in my life I still cant seem to just fall asleep.. and for those of you that can I am forever jealous of you! So while the wife is behind me in bed, passed out, snoring to the world, I am up catching up on emails. I know I really should take a pill.... but then my monday would disappear along with my sunday. And hence my everyday work schedule would be all screwed up and I would sleep all day and not sleep tonight... I'm not sure what makes me the way I am... and some of you may be against sleeping pills but I have to take them... If you have not realized like I stated... If i do not take a sleeping pill everyonce in a while I seriously would be up for days at a time... I have be known to stay awake for a week once... And let me tell you after a week of no sleep you really do start to see things that really arent there! It is bad for me. And yet every doctor tells me the same thing "You are screwed up in the head" Well DUH!!!!! I could have told you that! Now can I have my $700 back from this session?" So needless to say I do not go to the Dr.'s office anymore! They tell me the same things and try to give me some cracked out pill that makes me a zombie for the rest of my life. And quite frankly I am doing fine! I may bitch and moan every once in a blue moon about the fact that I am scared to fall asleep but all in all I feel that I've lived this long with the problem...what's another 25 years?

Signing off,
Sabrae Carter

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Writing just to write

So today has been filled with laziness. Like weekends are supposed to be filled right? Maybe true for most, maybe not? As I'm not most people I'm just me. But I have came to the conclusion that in the midst of my happy life. (and yes I am finally at a point where I am HAPPY) But (there is always a but) I feel I have a story to tell.

My life hasn't always been a happy go lucky tale. I didnt grow up this happy. I didnt get to go to disney world. Didnt grow up in the suburbs. Didnt have two parents. Heck I barley had one!

So that is why I have come to the conclusion that I am going to write a book. A book about survivial. A book that needs to let those other kids out there know that they are NOT alone! It will be dedicated to those that dont have a voice. Those that get over looked in our system. Or those that are in hiding and pretending that they are happy! :O) Its something that I have to do, or need to do to truly move on in my life.

Well I shared...... Its off to bed as I have to be up early with the wife to get her off to work in the morning!

Signing off,
Sabrae Carter

Friday, September 26, 2008

It's friday!!!!!

Well the end of the week has finally come! YAY! It has been quiet the week for me! Advertising, chatting, writing, reading, working..... I've been doing it all!

Today was a pretty decent relaxing day. Slept in until noon, laid around the house for a few hours. Did the necessary grocery shopping. And did some more lying around the house! LOL All in all it has been a wonderful day!

And now it's 10pm est. time, I'm watching George Lopez while Amy is in bed. I'm half in it and half out! Can't believe that after all the relaxing I did today that I'm this pooped! lol ! Normally I am up at the butt crack of dawn and working my tail off so maybe that is why I am so tired! LOL

Signing off,

Sabrae Carter

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Oh time for sleeping!!!

So the day has finally come to an end! I'll tell you what! It has been a long long day for me! All I really did today was work work work! I did manage (as mentioned in my last post) to sit down for an hour and get into a book! But I fear that reading for the night is probably out of the question! :O) I took my sleeping pills (I have BAD sleeping problems) and they will be kicking in soon!!! So with that I bid you a good night!

Signing off,
Sabrae Carter

Escaping into the world of reading!

Have you ever just escaped? And no I do not mean just ran away from home!! While that sounds like a nice plan, I mean just sat down and escaped into a good book? I love reading. It is like second nature to me. Reading a book gives me the freedom to momentairly just, well..... escape!

When I have a good book that grasps my attention I can sit for hours at a time just getting lost in the black and white print! I use my mind and just float into a world that isn't real! One that lets me imagine that I'm living the story! Reading to me is a way of escpaing the everyday life and responsibility. I can just sit back in the quiet house while Amy is at work, tuck the dogs in bed with me and just read and read and read!

Like today I finally just took time away from the computer, turned the T.V. off, (and i dont usually do this when my shows are on. but hey they are all re-runs anyway) and just picked a book out of my stack of needed to be read books and started reading! That was an hour ago! I got so lost in the book that I didnt realize the time! :O) oops

Just wanted to take the time to share the joys of reading in my life and how relaxed and uplifted I feel.
"Remember to always take time for yourself. If you don't, there will be nothing of you to give to anyone else"

Signing off,
Sabrae Carter

Working in my jammies!!!!!

I must say that I love working from home! I have the freedom to set my own hours, sleep in, and best of all ....... I can saty in my jammies all day if I want to!!!

Working in my jammies just reminds me of the freedom I have as a business owner and a consultant for other companies ( ) And it's reassuring to know that I don't have to drag myself to a 9-5 job with a boss I hate and co-workers that I hate even more! Nope , not me! My freedom exists soley from behind a computer screen!

Imagine my day with me if you will :

Mainly on the days that Amy (my lovely wife) has to work :

5am- getting out of bed and wiping the sleep from our eyes!

5-6am- coffee for her, diet pepsi for me. Watching episodes of Roseann til about 5:45am when Amy decided that she is finally going to get ready for work. I make her lunch and ship her off with a kiss promptly at 6am!

6-8am - I log on to my myspace. Play my mobsters game for a bit. In between having the TV on and watching my everyday favorite shows. Login to my email. Answer and respond to what needs responding to. Post what needs to be posted. Watch some more TV. :o)

9AM-12PM - About the same as 6-8am! lol

12pm - On the dot I usually stop what I'm doing and watch my all time favorite show "Las Vegas" on TNT (which is channel 24 for those of you that live in N.E. Ohio)

After 12pm its usually anything goes for the rest of the day...... Sometimes I stay online all day long and chat with the members of my Yahoo Groups, or simply take the Blackberry to the couch with me (so that I may still have access to the emails coming in) and pass out watching Law and Order.....

Around 5pm ish I start cleaning the house (if it needs done) and getting dinner ready.... Go back to my trusty computer get the emails caught up, login to my myspace yet again play some more mobsters and its off to take a shower.

Around 8pm Amy is walking thru the door after a long hard day in a factory (bless her heart) and we eat dinner relax talk about our days( which she usually teases me about mine) and then its off to bed! Wherein she usually passes out pretty quick and I'm up back on my trusty computer either answering emails or chatting in some chat room with long ago friends or new ones that happen to come by! (You know how chat rooms are)

And in all this you may be wondering...... "When does this woman actually work!" lol Well actually in between all of this I am online looking up new ways to advertise, promoting to my many many Yahoo Groups, chatting with others on their successes and downfalls and gathering ideas so that I may be able to promote my company with more flare and drive in more traffic and get more sales ..... which in the end would equal more money! :O) So yes I do actually "WORK" ! But I dont work in the typical way that everyone else does! And for that I am grateful! Becuz I think if I was to spend a day working a 9-5 again I would probably go nuts!

I love having my own schedule! That means that when a friend calls and wants to go to lunch or just hang out I can say "OK"!

And while I may not be rolling in the dough, Im alright with that! I dont need the material to make me happy (although money is always nice) we have what we need to get by. We have our little one bedroom apt, food in the fridge, clean clothes, two wonderful dogs, and all the love we could possibly imagine! And that my friend is why I love WORKING IN MY JAMMIES!

Signing off,
Sabrae Carter

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Day two as a blogger!

So as you know yesterday I finally started my first ever blog! YAY ME! lol!

Today has been an up and down day! My wife and I have been really really sick for about 3 days now! YUCK! And today was the worst of it for me! I hate being sick! But I can not imagine that there is a person out there that likes it! :O)

As I stated yesterday I am a small online business owner. It was always a dream of mine to own a business! And that dream finally came true! Dwan Perrin and I started the Unique Diva Boutique with our own money. And we are trying to make it as big as we can possibly get it! Dwan has just opened a store in her area, and we are so excited! We have affiliates (many of them) and are trying to do what we can to encourage them to sell, sell, sell!!!! I'll tell ya having a business is wonderful and scary all at once! We work everyday to bring the best products that we possibly can and drive more traffic and sales to our site!!!

Well that is all I can think to say for the night. It's 11:09pm est time here and since I was pretty much down all day I have a lot of work to catch up on :O) There will be more tomorrow!

Sabrae Carter

My first blog and a bit about me!

Well where to start! This is the first time I have ever done a blog in all my life! Everyone raves about their blogs, so here I am 2:52 am est time setting up my very first blog! So lets see what the hype is really about! :O)

A bit about Sabrae Carter! Well I am a 25 year old female. Married. No kids (yet). I am a stay at home work at home wife. I am a small business owner. And I guess for now that about sums it up!

Thanks for reading my very first blog! I promise that there will be more to come once I get the hang of this

Signing off,
Sabrae Carter