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Thursday, October 30, 2014

If only.....

If only we could receive  a message once a month that says:

"Hey, you're not pregnant! Talk to you next month!"

Instead of :

"I'm your uterus and I'm going to violently rip out your insides now. Oh yea, you're not pregnant!"

Ugh..... I hate this time of the month!


Thursday, October 9, 2014

Shit my husband says.... and YES he's still alive

Ode to the husband.......

The shit you say.  Makes me think "WTF" (for those of you that don't know it means "what the fuck") at least 20 times a day.  There is NO need to leave the house and be surrounded by stupid people when I have you.  You never cease to amaze me with the words that fly out of your mouth.  What amazes me is that I've let you live this long....

Example #1

While taking a steamy shower with my husband (which is rare, and no we don't have kids) one day, I was trying to be all cute and sexy for him.... Thinking MAYBE, just MAYBE I could get a little action..... (yea, I pretty much have to beg for it at times) Well needless to say.... things went south very QUICK when he grabs my boobs and says "They needs to look up at me"

Yup, he's still alive

Example #2
This actually happened this morning....
Let me set the stage really quick....
I work 3rd shift 2 nights a week for a grocery store. Well I didn't get much sleep on the second day and had to work that night. So I was pretty tired once I got home the next morning. But for his benefit, because he asked, I stayed awake a lil longer. Finally falling asleep that day, I pretty much slept the day away! I did have to babysit for my sister in law so I was up again til about 3am last night. Needless to say, I wasn't in a mood to be awaken at 7:30 this morning...... 
Him climbing into bed trying to wake me up....
"Baby you gonna go with me?"
ME: "uhhhhhhh what time is it?"
HIM: You slept the day away yesterday.... I don't see how you are tired today... I mean what did you do? You didn't even do your chores...

Immediately my eyes snap open and I'm thinking of all the possible ways I could legally murder this man.... But alas.... I love him and he is still alive to see another day... 

*Disclaimer.... No I do not intend to murder my husband.... maybe throat punch him a few times but I'd miss him to much to actually kill him.... Just sayin. 

Oh the book I could write on him alone......
I could be rich.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Holy cow a year has passed, and I'm still boring

I literally almost forgot that this blog existed. Like seriously. I have to be the worlds most unmotivated blogger. But to be honest, there is nothing in my life that is actually worth blogging about......

Here's the big updates:

1) Since you heard from me last...... We are back in Georgia and for good (at least I think)

2) My marriage is okay. I mean we have survived 3 years.... I think we can survive another 3

3) My precious chihuahua Noel has had at least 2 litters of puppies.

4) I was working as a waitress then as a plumber (with my dad) and now I'm currently at Kroger.

5) My life revolves around being broke all the time with no end in sight.

6) I still occasionally write articles for hubpages

7) I run a fan page on FaceBook (if you want to see it you can go to ) I think that is the link... But it's called Everything In This World Offends Somebody

So yea, I lead a pretty boring life. Really wanna find something I can do working from home. But let's be real..... Probably not gonna happen. So unless I strike it rich or hit the lottery I'm going to be stuck doing the same mundane shit I was doing yesterday....... Work, Eat, Sleep and shit....
Have a happy day y'all

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Life since the RANT

Well back in Feb I did a pretty good job of describing to you the single most humiliating day of my life. And it still is up there on the list. After that rant the husband and I both moved to Kansas. He left the week before I did, by bus. I drove cross country alone. Me, all our stuff that could fit in the SUV, 2 dogs, a mouse and a snake. Yup, just me and the animals on the open road. It was good going. I enjoy road trips immensely! Just not road trips that take 20+ hours and alone! But I digress. Made it to Kansas safe and sound. Four days after I get there, husband gets locked up. So I spend 2 months in Kansas with people I don't know, in a town I'm not familiar with and no money and no job. Just me and the animals. Oh how fun. Fast forward and husband is extradited back to GA for probation violations. Spending another 2 1/12 months in jail. I followed him back to GA. He's been out now since May15 and we are STILL trying to get our feet off the ground. Going back and forth between GA and KS. It hasn't been an easy journey to say the least. And I'm pretty much at my wits end with it all! 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The most humiliating day of my life

Yesterday, Feb. 6th, 2013

Yup, yesterday was the single most humiliating day of my entire existence. Never before have I been through such a public display of embarrassment ever! So sit back and get some popcorn, cuz I'm about to RANT!

Technically this all started Sunday. Super Bowl Sunday to be exact. I let our landlord know that I wasn't going to be home for a while on Sunday and if it was okay to just meet up with him for rent on Monday. Seeing how it's Super Bowl Sunday and I always watch the Super Bowl with friends! I also take my poppa grocery shopping and clean their house on Sundays. So my day is usually pretty busy to begin with. Well at first he was cool with it.

Then the shit hit the fan........................

I started getting text messages from the landlord that night about how I needed to get home and pay him his rent NOW etc etc.... I was trying to be nice to the man and let him know that he stated it was okay to meet up with him on Monday. Well he wasn't havin it! My husband was home in bed sick (which I now have) and said that he was ready to go to the door when he heard the knocking but walked out of the bedroom to find a flash light being glared through our windows. Then came the loud blaring of his horn outside of our house, then the pounding on the windows and the doors and the outside of the house. All the while, the landlord KNEW I wasn't in residence.

Now if you were to see my husband, your first thought would probably be "scary" since he's almost 6ft tall and built like a brick shit house and COVERED in tattoos. He's a big boy. And my husbands thoughts were either to A) answer the door and knock the shit out of this man or B) go back to bed. Good decision on his part is that my husband went back to bed.

My husband and I had a chat when I arrived home that evening and decided that crazy ass landlords were now out of the question and we were going to move from our current location. So we text the landlord and let him know that we would be moving out because of his actions the previous night.

I don't generally like to talk "bad" about people, but this man is a raging alcoholic with a pill problem. I wouldn't generally say something like this if I didn't know for a fact. But I know for a fact. And up until this point, we never had a problem out of him. And he's understood the circumstances before and sometimes has never even asked for the rent until Monday because he knows my crazy Sunday routines.

Well Monday after we text the landlord and let him know our plans to move the following week, he goes a little insane, I guess is a good word for it. He shows up to our door that Monday evening highly intoxicated on his four wheeler with a shotgun! And he expects me to answer my door? OH HELL NO! Now this is when I should have called the cops myself. But being the type of person I am, I just backed away from the door and let it be. All the while he's texting me from outside my home with gun in hand telling me he's gonna call the cops if I don't answer etc etc.... So I told him to "go right on ahead" and so he does. Well I took a sleeping pill and passed out and apparently the cops DID show up to our door. But I was sound asleep. I mean what are the cops gonna do anyway?

And what it all boils down to is he wants the rent for NEXT week, when we aren't even going to be living here.

Tuesday rolls around and he sends his MOM to our door to collect rent that isn't even due yet. And I don't feel I should have to pay since I'm not going to be living here. Well his mom starts to yap at the mouth threatening to call my husband's probation officer and tell her that he's in our home smoking weed and dealing drugs. Come to find out, the landlords mom is actually good friends with my husbands probation officer! OMG talk about a conflict of interest the minute she called her!

Yes my husband is on probation, no it's not for ANY drug related charges.

And then Wednesday pops up! The worst and foremost humiliating day of my life!

We get up like usual. Get around and are fixin to head out to meet up with a friend so my husband can do some work on the roof of her kennel. We get to driving down the road when lo-n-behold we pass 3 sheriff cars and a probation car! But we keep driving. We don't know for sure where they are going, but have a pretty good clue. Well apparently when we left the house the landlords mom alerted the po po so they were already on the look out for us. Because that cop flipped a U Turn and followed us and pulled us over. (the landlords parents home is right across the field from ours)

Because my husband is on probation he has to comply with whatever is asked. So my husband and I were asked to get out of the vechile while it is surrounded by 3 sheriffs and a drug dog, on the side of a busy road, in our small ass town, where I KNOW EVERYONE! I've never been in trouble and never plan on it. So it's a little disconcerting to me for this to be happening. Well needless to say, they never found anything.

They also had us drive back to our home and searched it as well. Again, never found a thing. Because there is NOTHING to find! My husband and I don't do or sell drugs. We are average people living average lives. We go to work and home and that is about the extent of it.

They also made him go back to the court house and take a drug test. Which of course, HE PASSED! Not that we had any doubt he wouldn't!

Now this woman must be pretty close to my husbands probation officer. Because the stupid bitch was sitting outside the court house as we walked out. Talk about wanting to punch someone in the face! OMG I was livid when I saw her.

So that was my embarrassing day in a nut shell! We are still currently residing in the apartment. And have every right to do so until the end of the week because our rent IS paid in full and up to date. Those crazy asses can kiss my ass because I'm not going anywhere until after this weekend.
Ohhhhhhhhhhhh and I forgot to mention that Monday night he threw nails in our drive way. We got video proof of that one along with him toting the gun. Which, if he plans on trying to take us to court like he says, I will show the judge!

Night all!


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Child Issues

Now, when I met and married my husband almost 2 years ago, I knew that there was a possibility of a child being involved. And even though I'm not what some would call a "kid friendly person" I jumped in head first.

There for a while we were getting his child (we shall call her sally) on a pretty regular basis.
(Mind you, at this stage there was no child support set in place, no DNA testing done etc etc....we were getting her and supporting her without all of that) Thing were going good. Or so we thought.

When we had Sally we asked for nothing from her mother. We spent the hour in the car to go get her and the hour in the car bringing her back. There was no "I'll meet you in the middle." When we had her she was our financial responsibility. And she lacked for nothing. Her needs were met with us.

Then one day, things took a turn. We didn't have the time to take her back. So I called the mother, we were on good terms and pretty much still are, and asked her if she could please come pick up Sally because we didn't have the time or the gas to fulfill it. I had to be at work and my husband can't legally drive. Well needless to say we were told that it is "our responsibility" to get her back. So I politely informed her that Sally would be staying with us until she decided to come get her child. I'm not one to play any time of game in that area. We had her an extra week needless to say. She's a doll and I didn't mind at all. But there was NO contact from the mother what-so-ever in regards to her child. Not once did she pick up that phone and see if she was alive, dead, happy or even sad or taken care of!

Well before we knew it, she started asking for money from us to "support" his child. (mind you, a child that he has NO DNA proof that is his. And she's had another man tested as well) Normally I wouldn't object to this. BUT, when this mother is wearing "name brand" clothing (that I know didn't come from any second hand store) and is driving around a BRAND NEW car (that I know is hers) why is she asking US for money. My husband and I barely make ends meet. But yet this mother is living in a house that she bought with her girlfriend that costs upwards of at least $200k. So who needs money? Now don't get that twisted. I'm all for a man supporting his child, be it financially or emotionally, or any other way the child needs. But when we are taking this child in to our home without proof of DNA (knowing there were other men tested) and treating her like she is our own and doing it without the help of anything of the mother.....where does she get off asking for help in return?  So my husband asked her for a DNA test. Which I think is the responsible thing to do. Especially since he's not really THAT responsible of an adult to begin with! LOL I love him, but all men are over grown children. Well that pissed her off and needless to say it was about a year before we heard any more of Sally or even seen her.

Until recently! (now don't get me wrong, we both tried contacting the mother in regards to Sally and seeing how she was doing and thriving etc etc... we never tried to stay out of contact with her. But never got a response in return) Well now we are going through Child Support Services as regards to DNA testing. So we shall see if she is really his child. Though we have been waiting since August for the results! Personally my husband things she is his child, but just wants the absolute positive results in front of him before he hands over a dime. Is that wrong? I don't think so.

Sabrae Culver

Monday, January 28, 2013

I'm going crazy and eating chocolate!

No joke. Really there are NOT enough hours in the day to do everything I want and or need to do. Therefore I'm going crazy. And right now I'm eating chocolate covered marshmallows with cinnamon that my momma made me! (and oh is it gooooooooood, esp at 11pm)

Recently I took on the ever important role of taking care of 2 households. Really what it is, my dad needs help around their house and well naturally I need to take care of my own. So I'm being paid to help at the parents house and look after my momma. Which I don't mind doing at all! It gives me a great escape for sure! And I get to hang out with my awesome momma! Truly, you have to meet this woman some day! She's a hoot! She's also disabled, so she can't get up and about that well. Therefore, I get to do the cleaning. And the bookkeeping....and the organizing and the laudry....well you get the pictrue!

But man, the hours are starting to get a little hectic. Between running errands all morning, cleaning parents house all afternoon, and then coming home and cleaning my house (my husband tends to be a nasty pig sometimes, and yes I tell him that) there is just never enough time to do the things I want to do.

For example: I would love the opportunity to blog more. And not just on this blog, but my 50 other blgos as well.
I would love to write more articles for HubPages
Sleep (that would be a plus!)

Well I think you get jist of what I mean.
So since it is 11:15pm here in the mountains of North Georgia I'll bid you all adieu and catch some sleep now, since 6am comes awfully fast!

Sabrae Culver