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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Child Issues

Now, when I met and married my husband almost 2 years ago, I knew that there was a possibility of a child being involved. And even though I'm not what some would call a "kid friendly person" I jumped in head first.

There for a while we were getting his child (we shall call her sally) on a pretty regular basis.
(Mind you, at this stage there was no child support set in place, no DNA testing done etc etc....we were getting her and supporting her without all of that) Thing were going good. Or so we thought.

When we had Sally we asked for nothing from her mother. We spent the hour in the car to go get her and the hour in the car bringing her back. There was no "I'll meet you in the middle." When we had her she was our financial responsibility. And she lacked for nothing. Her needs were met with us.

Then one day, things took a turn. We didn't have the time to take her back. So I called the mother, we were on good terms and pretty much still are, and asked her if she could please come pick up Sally because we didn't have the time or the gas to fulfill it. I had to be at work and my husband can't legally drive. Well needless to say we were told that it is "our responsibility" to get her back. So I politely informed her that Sally would be staying with us until she decided to come get her child. I'm not one to play any time of game in that area. We had her an extra week needless to say. She's a doll and I didn't mind at all. But there was NO contact from the mother what-so-ever in regards to her child. Not once did she pick up that phone and see if she was alive, dead, happy or even sad or taken care of!

Well before we knew it, she started asking for money from us to "support" his child. (mind you, a child that he has NO DNA proof that is his. And she's had another man tested as well) Normally I wouldn't object to this. BUT, when this mother is wearing "name brand" clothing (that I know didn't come from any second hand store) and is driving around a BRAND NEW car (that I know is hers) why is she asking US for money. My husband and I barely make ends meet. But yet this mother is living in a house that she bought with her girlfriend that costs upwards of at least $200k. So who needs money? Now don't get that twisted. I'm all for a man supporting his child, be it financially or emotionally, or any other way the child needs. But when we are taking this child in to our home without proof of DNA (knowing there were other men tested) and treating her like she is our own and doing it without the help of anything of the mother.....where does she get off asking for help in return?  So my husband asked her for a DNA test. Which I think is the responsible thing to do. Especially since he's not really THAT responsible of an adult to begin with! LOL I love him, but all men are over grown children. Well that pissed her off and needless to say it was about a year before we heard any more of Sally or even seen her.

Until recently! (now don't get me wrong, we both tried contacting the mother in regards to Sally and seeing how she was doing and thriving etc etc... we never tried to stay out of contact with her. But never got a response in return) Well now we are going through Child Support Services as regards to DNA testing. So we shall see if she is really his child. Though we have been waiting since August for the results! Personally my husband things she is his child, but just wants the absolute positive results in front of him before he hands over a dime. Is that wrong? I don't think so.

Sabrae Culver

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