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Sunday, September 26, 2010

I'm going through a phase

I'm not usually the type to dwell so much on my physical apperance. I've been the type of girl to just shake it off and live my life accordingly. I was the type of girl who just had the attitude of "If you don't like it, don't look". It's the way I've always lived my life. And I've been quite happy with it. But here lately as I look at myself in the mirror I just keep thinking "ewww gross" and "when did this happen to me!" I know your body changes as you get older and even after having children. I've only had one, but man my body did a lot of changing since then. I've obtained the ugly strech marks and the fat roll. Now don't get me wrong, I know my husband loves me for who I am. But sometimes I wish I looked like some of those skinny, rock hard ab kinda girls. Maybe it's a phase, maybe I need to get off my butt and start exercising.
Later Taters,

Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's all said and done.....

Well the wedding is over, the pictures are the only memories we have to hold onto :) The honeymoon is over (well just the vacation time from work is over) and it's back to the daily grind. We went back to work on Tuesday night. And after 8 whole days off that was ruff! LOL But we survived. Now if I can make it through til 6am Sunday morning I'll be doing great! LOL Just wanted to check in and see how everyone is and give a little update. Things are fine here. Just work and home like ususal. Suffering from a severe case of writers block at the moment, I haven't wrote a decent hub at hubpages in a while now. So I'm trying to jump that curve and find something meaningful to write about. GAHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Had a migraine from hell yesterday and it finally went away sometime this morning at work. I hate migraines! Well now I'm just blabbing so I'll leave you all without further boredom :)
Later Taters,
Sabrae Blankenberg

Monday, September 20, 2010

Wedding, Honeymoon and Marriage.

Well on Wednesday Sept 15th at approx 5pm I offically became Mrs. Blankenberg. It's a wonderful feeling indeed. Though it is scary, I have finally found my other half. After years of searching within myself, and searching everywhere else I finally found him. I don't feel any different being a married woman that is for sure. But the thing that is so wonderful about our relationship and hopefully continues throughout our marriage is the fact that we just get along so well. And there is barely a time at all that we are apart. . Though we do have a funny story of how the greatest day of our lives started! Sit back, relax, and enjoy...cuzz now it is laughable. At the time though not so much!

About noon, on the day of our wedding, our roomate comes bursting in our room..... What she says next left me stunned! She bursts through the door "There's a fire" At first I was like "huh" and again she says "There's a fire" So as Tate is jumping out of the bed I'm still sitting in front of my computer dazed and sort of confused! So I'm all like "Where is the fire" Needless to say there was a fire. It was in her closet. And it started because her 4 year old son was playing with a lighter in her closet and put a lighter to her clothes and thus we had flames. Luckily enough though we got it put out. But here is a picture for your visual .......

Needless to say we are greatful that the house is still in one piece!

The wedding was amazing and only started 45 minutes late! LOL I'm usually never late for anything, but the fire set us back a bit. Tate and I had to run to Walmart at the last minute to get some smelly good stuff to get some of the smell nutralized because we had a house full of people on their way over to help with the preperations and getting my hair done~
So that was the start of our wedding day! Fun times I'll tell ya. Needless to say, we are still getting use to having a 4 year old in the house. And the roomate still needs to get the closet cleaned up and something done to it. But things are going well otherwise.

We spent our Honeymoon in Savannah, Ga. It is such a beautiful and historic city. We arrived Thursday evening and went to Spanky's and ate dinner and did some walking around on the boardwalk along the river on River Street. It is a beautiful view at night for sure. The next day we we did some window shopping and picked up some stuff for memories sake. Took a tour with the Old Savannah Tours and it was fun. Pretty inexpensive as well. Only $25 per person and it runs from 9am to 4:30pm and you can get on and off if you see something that you want to visit for a little bit. We did end up getting off the tour bus a few times to shop around. We visited all the squares in the city and went to the City Market. It was one of the main things that I wanted to see while we were there. You can see all the videos of our wedding and honeymoon on my YouTube page at and all my pictures of the wedding are on my Facebook page! Hopefully you enjoyed this blog post!
Later Taters,
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Sunday, September 12, 2010

3 Days and counting!

Only three days til the wedding. Things are going good and not as crazy hectic anymore. Which is good. Because the man stressing was taking a toll on me. But just wanted to give a brief update. The honeymoon is going to be in Savannah Ga. I can't wait! The only thing I'm not looking forward to is the almost 6 hour drive! UGH! I hate driving on freeways. Let alone 75 and in rush hour traffic! But I'll deal and we'll have a good time! :) Hope everyone is doing well!
Later Taters,

Monday, September 6, 2010

Only in the South

So I live in the North Georgia Mountains.......
Can't say I've ever seen anything else like this!