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Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's all said and done.....

Well the wedding is over, the pictures are the only memories we have to hold onto :) The honeymoon is over (well just the vacation time from work is over) and it's back to the daily grind. We went back to work on Tuesday night. And after 8 whole days off that was ruff! LOL But we survived. Now if I can make it through til 6am Sunday morning I'll be doing great! LOL Just wanted to check in and see how everyone is and give a little update. Things are fine here. Just work and home like ususal. Suffering from a severe case of writers block at the moment, I haven't wrote a decent hub at hubpages in a while now. So I'm trying to jump that curve and find something meaningful to write about. GAHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Had a migraine from hell yesterday and it finally went away sometime this morning at work. I hate migraines! Well now I'm just blabbing so I'll leave you all without further boredom :)
Later Taters,
Sabrae Blankenberg

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