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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Holy cow a year has passed, and I'm still boring

I literally almost forgot that this blog existed. Like seriously. I have to be the worlds most unmotivated blogger. But to be honest, there is nothing in my life that is actually worth blogging about......

Here's the big updates:

1) Since you heard from me last...... We are back in Georgia and for good (at least I think)

2) My marriage is okay. I mean we have survived 3 years.... I think we can survive another 3

3) My precious chihuahua Noel has had at least 2 litters of puppies.

4) I was working as a waitress then as a plumber (with my dad) and now I'm currently at Kroger.

5) My life revolves around being broke all the time with no end in sight.

6) I still occasionally write articles for hubpages

7) I run a fan page on FaceBook (if you want to see it you can go to ) I think that is the link... But it's called Everything In This World Offends Somebody

So yea, I lead a pretty boring life. Really wanna find something I can do working from home. But let's be real..... Probably not gonna happen. So unless I strike it rich or hit the lottery I'm going to be stuck doing the same mundane shit I was doing yesterday....... Work, Eat, Sleep and shit....
Have a happy day y'all