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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Life since the RANT

Well back in Feb I did a pretty good job of describing to you the single most humiliating day of my life. And it still is up there on the list. After that rant the husband and I both moved to Kansas. He left the week before I did, by bus. I drove cross country alone. Me, all our stuff that could fit in the SUV, 2 dogs, a mouse and a snake. Yup, just me and the animals on the open road. It was good going. I enjoy road trips immensely! Just not road trips that take 20+ hours and alone! But I digress. Made it to Kansas safe and sound. Four days after I get there, husband gets locked up. So I spend 2 months in Kansas with people I don't know, in a town I'm not familiar with and no money and no job. Just me and the animals. Oh how fun. Fast forward and husband is extradited back to GA for probation violations. Spending another 2 1/12 months in jail. I followed him back to GA. He's been out now since May15 and we are STILL trying to get our feet off the ground. Going back and forth between GA and KS. It hasn't been an easy journey to say the least. And I'm pretty much at my wits end with it all!