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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Car is fixed and wedding is on!

OMG! What a scare! Member how I told you about the car breaking down yesterday? Well let's just say this.......if you go to Advanced Auto to get parts for your car....make sure the ass who is selling you the parts knows what the hell he is doing! Yea they SOLD US THE WRONG CV AXLE! Hence the reason for the car breaking down on us! Oh I was so pissed about that! Our mechanic is an awesome guy tho. He fixed it and got it back to us last night. So I took Tate out to the bar and let him mingle while I attempted to not fall asleep standing up! Yea we were up for about 30+  hours yesterday! So all I wanted to do was sleep. But I was refusing to let tate have a even worse birthday than it was. So I sucked it up and took him out because I love him.

Now to just get the wedding stuff done things will get back to normal and I'll stop stressing out because he's stressing out........ if that made any sense at all. LOL
Well going to either lay down and take a nap or make my man cook us some burgers and hot dogs on the grill.
Later Taters,

Saturday, August 21, 2010

If it's not one thing it's another going wrong....

Things have been going so great around here. We've bought a car, been doing good at work, and even getting the wedding on track for Sept 15th.
Well that car situation...ummmm yea, about that....
We were told that the CV Axel was going out. No biggie right? Well we took it in today and a friend of ours fixed it for free. Only the drivers side was out. $70 part no big deal. Went ahead and replaced the belts just because. Got the car all done and even test drove it. Really, again, no big deal right? Apparently not so! So mind you, we test drove the car up and down the road a million times, it's running good. We leave, go back to the parts store return the parts we didn't need to replace, head to McDonald's to get some food. Again, all is well, car is running great..... We leave McDonalds and go to pull out on to the road and all of a sudden we hear a big POP sound. Didn't sound great. I just thought that maybe, just maybe I didn't have it in gear or something...... I really didn't notice anything. Because the road we are pulling out on is a downhill slope. I'm coasting down the hill and go to hit the gas to go across the freeway and nothing....... it won't go! So the car broke down an hour after getting things fixed! And that bad thing is............we don't know what is wrong! It's not the CV Axel obviously, because it's just been replaced! We do know that there is a crack in the Manifold. But we were told that it could possibly be welded. If not, then that is going to cost a good $700 to replace. Could also need a new clutch.... which could cost us about $125. We really don't know what is wrong wrong with it. We are just hoping and praying like hell that it isn't something toooooooooo seriously wrong! So if you pray or meditate....remember us. Because if it is something huge like that we are going to have to cancel the wedding and just get married at the court house.... :(
Later Taters,

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Time for a change?

Well things have definatly gotten a bit interesting around here. We have two new roomates. My good friend and her son have moved in with us as of Tuesday. I just couldn't let her stay where she was at anymore. I won't get into details, but needless to say, she's with people now who don't live in filth! Now I'm not one to be judgemental of the way other people live typically. But OMG! She was living with another girl that we work with. And when we went and moved her stuff out I felt like I was going to vomit from the smell of urine the whole time I was there. I couldn't let her stay there any longer. And not to mention that this girl was cheating my friend out of money at every turn. She would give her money for the electric bill or something else and the next thing you know the electric is shut off. So the situation wasn't a good one for her and her son to be in. So I moved them in with us. And we now have a 4 year old running around the house! :) He's definatly a ball of energy that's for sure! LOL He keeps Tate entertained! LOL They played around with a balloon for a few hours the other night. Tate loves kids. So it willl be good for him. He was already talking about teaching him how to play sports! So it will be an interesting change for the both of us.
Later Taters,

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Weddings, animals and money

Well things are def wild and crazy and filled with stress at the moment. Weddings are sooooo expensive! Got the dress, but the dress needs altered. Can't get the dress altered because the woman who alters the dresses is never there. When we bought the dress she never said that we needed to make an appointment to have it all done. She just said for us to bring it in. I know, because I asked specifically if we needed to make an appointment. Went Monday to have the dress altered and they were closed, went today and the lady who does it wasn't in and we were informed that she does appointments ONLY! Gah...... so we went to the florist instead. $101 for fake flower bouquets!!!! OMG! Really? $101 for fake ass flowers? gahhhhhhhhhhhhh so glad I'm only getting mine and the maid of honors bouquets or I'd go broke on flowers alone! Not to mention the fact that only 3 people have returned the RSVP cards for the wedding so far! Mind you I've sent out over 70 or sooooo invites! GAHHHHHHHH This stress is def getting to me.

In other news tho we took the dogs to get their nails clipped today. They did surprisingly well getting them clipped! I was shocked....Now getting them out of the house on leashes and loaded into the car was another story in itself! Took longer to get them into the groomers than it did to get the nails done! WTH?

Well that's all I've got for now. Getting ready to go eat some yummo chicken wraps that my future hubby made me!
Later Taters,

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bridal Shower what?

So tomorrow, Aug 15th 2010 at 6pm, is my bridal shower. So from 6-8pm I'm going to be in my house with around 20-25 females. And it's been a while since I've been around that much estrogen! Oh help me now. Not to mention, I have to work til 6am. So I'm going to be getting off of work in the morning coming home cleaning house top to bottom. Will hope to get a few hours of sleep, then at 1pm it's off to a birthday party for a friend of mines kid. He's turning 4! Then home to make sure the house is spotless and set up for the bridal shower. I'm going to be one poopy tired pumpkin tomorrow! We are not doing the typical bridal shower either. We are having a pure romance party. And well for those of you that don't know what a pure romance party is......ummm click here to find out! Just FYI it is adult.... LOL
Well it's off for time for this chicka! Got to try and get some more sleep in before work tonight!
Later Taters

Thursday, August 12, 2010

You're getting sleepy....

So I really didn't post anything here or on HubPages for the entire three days that I was off work. Mainly because I slept most of the time I was off or I was doing other fun and exciting things. "Like what?" you may ask... well Monday we finally bought a car!!!!! So exciting! To finally have our own vechile! Ahhhhhhhhh and then there is the whole planning of the bridal shower that is coming up this Sunday. Along with the fact that I have to go get presents for a birthday party for a 4 year old that I'm going to , which happens to be also on Sunday! Tuesday had to go to the next town over, which is like 20 miles away and go to the DMV to get my Georgia license. Which subsquently I didn't end up getting. :( Nope they are making this 27 year old 11 year long driver start from scratch and start out with a learners permit! Oh the joys of feeling like I'm 16 again! And let's hope it's not a repeat of the time I was 16 and getting my license, because I failed the manuverability horribly that first go around! LOL Had to work last night. It's now about 7am and I'm sleepy. Usually I'm not this tired and worn out when I get home from work, but unfortunatly I woke up yesterday around 10am and we had a mandatory meeting at work that cut into my nap time. So I didn't get to take a nap yesterday. So I'm feeling pretty blah and stuff.
Well that's all I have to update you on right now more to come again I'm sure!
Later Taters,

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Now this is team work

So we got pretty bored at work the other night and my co-worker decided it would be funny to jump up on my back. Then she pretty much refused to get off of me. I carried her on my back for about 20 minutes. Doing work and taking orders and delievering food. It was pretty funny actually. Wasn't really all that tired. And she had such a grip on me that I really didn't have to hold her up either. But of course I forgot I had the camera with me so you only get to see about 20 seconds of this video. Enjoy!

Later Taters,

Saturday, August 7, 2010

I wish I had customers like this!

If only we could have customers come into Waffle House that were this awesome! My job would be so much more amazing!

Friday, August 6, 2010

I feel so old, and yet I'm not!

As of late my body has been feeling the wear and tear of not resting properly and running around to much at work. I came home yesterday and my hip popped out of place, making my leg go numb. Then this morning I come home and sit in front of my computer like I always do and when I got up to stand I couldn't stand up straight! Oh where did the time go when my body felt like a vibrant 15 year old! lol Yea I know what happened to me, it was the car wreck and just pure laziness!
But goodness I feel like I'm trapped inside the body of a 90 year old!

Helpless achy
Later Taters,

Thursday, August 5, 2010

You know you live in the North Georgia Mountains when..........

  • Grandma is called Granny
  • Mom is called Momma
  • Dad is either Daddy (when you want something) or Pop
  • Grandpa is Grandaddy
  • You meet people who come into Waffle House that tell you it's their first time in town!
  • Eating at the Waffle House is part of their honeymoon to their second or even first cousin
  • When you ask someone to repeat themselves a few times because the accent is to thick for you to understand.
  • When everyone looks at you funny because you call Coke, pop. (And everything down here is a Coke)
  • You see people wearing bibs and overalls to weddings and funerals (no joke!)
  • When people call me a sissy for thinking its to hot outside!
  • When people have belt buckles bigger than your fist.
  • Everything is covered with Ranch dressing
  • Ya'll is a common word
  • To find anyone's house you must drive into the mountains for at least 30 mintues and they are all unpaved roads, that require 4-wheel drive....
  • The whole town shuts down when it snows (even less than an inch)
  • Anyone older than you is Sir or Ma'am (even it it's only by a month!)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The past three days

Have been pretty uneventful actually. I came home from work Sunday morning and just crashed and burned! I fell asleep around noon (which is unusally late for me) and I slept until 11pm. Only to get up eat and watch some tv. Passing back out around 3am. And slept and slept and slept..well only til like 7am. But still that is a lot of sleeping, even for me. But I woke up with a refreshed feeling.

I broke down and bought a Nintendo DS and I love it! I'm in the midst of trying to beat the Super Mario world 3 right now. (For those of you that know what I'm talking about.) But the fish keeping eating me in the water world. So I'm stuck and frustrated! Now I'm not a gamer by any means. It's not in my blood at all. Give me a original Nintendo gaming console anyday tho, and I'm a master! I just don't get how to use the big old controllers for things like the PS2/3 or the Xbox. (though I do know a lot about the games because of the men in the house) Now you see we have tons of gaming systems here in the house...we have a PS2, Xbox and Xbox 360 and my new addition the Nintendo DS. But I only play the DS. I get confused and disoriented playing the games for the other consoles, therefore I don't even try. So I'm finding it fun with the Nintendo DS at the moment.

In other news I've cleaned the house (AGAIN) and it's pretty much stayed clean thus far. Other than the usual in town running to the bank and other things we haven't been up to much. So for now this is me signing off
Later Taters,