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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Weddings, animals and money

Well things are def wild and crazy and filled with stress at the moment. Weddings are sooooo expensive! Got the dress, but the dress needs altered. Can't get the dress altered because the woman who alters the dresses is never there. When we bought the dress she never said that we needed to make an appointment to have it all done. She just said for us to bring it in. I know, because I asked specifically if we needed to make an appointment. Went Monday to have the dress altered and they were closed, went today and the lady who does it wasn't in and we were informed that she does appointments ONLY! Gah...... so we went to the florist instead. $101 for fake flower bouquets!!!! OMG! Really? $101 for fake ass flowers? gahhhhhhhhhhhhh so glad I'm only getting mine and the maid of honors bouquets or I'd go broke on flowers alone! Not to mention the fact that only 3 people have returned the RSVP cards for the wedding so far! Mind you I've sent out over 70 or sooooo invites! GAHHHHHHHH This stress is def getting to me.

In other news tho we took the dogs to get their nails clipped today. They did surprisingly well getting them clipped! I was shocked....Now getting them out of the house on leashes and loaded into the car was another story in itself! Took longer to get them into the groomers than it did to get the nails done! WTH?

Well that's all I've got for now. Getting ready to go eat some yummo chicken wraps that my future hubby made me!
Later Taters,


Warped Mind of Ron said...

Cost way to much to get married, better to live in sin and save a little ;-)

Missy said...

My friends daughter just spent $3000 for flowers for her wedding. That depresses me! I say take that money to Vegas and elope! LOL