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Thursday, February 7, 2013

The most humiliating day of my life

Yesterday, Feb. 6th, 2013

Yup, yesterday was the single most humiliating day of my entire existence. Never before have I been through such a public display of embarrassment ever! So sit back and get some popcorn, cuz I'm about to RANT!

Technically this all started Sunday. Super Bowl Sunday to be exact. I let our landlord know that I wasn't going to be home for a while on Sunday and if it was okay to just meet up with him for rent on Monday. Seeing how it's Super Bowl Sunday and I always watch the Super Bowl with friends! I also take my poppa grocery shopping and clean their house on Sundays. So my day is usually pretty busy to begin with. Well at first he was cool with it.

Then the shit hit the fan........................

I started getting text messages from the landlord that night about how I needed to get home and pay him his rent NOW etc etc.... I was trying to be nice to the man and let him know that he stated it was okay to meet up with him on Monday. Well he wasn't havin it! My husband was home in bed sick (which I now have) and said that he was ready to go to the door when he heard the knocking but walked out of the bedroom to find a flash light being glared through our windows. Then came the loud blaring of his horn outside of our house, then the pounding on the windows and the doors and the outside of the house. All the while, the landlord KNEW I wasn't in residence.

Now if you were to see my husband, your first thought would probably be "scary" since he's almost 6ft tall and built like a brick shit house and COVERED in tattoos. He's a big boy. And my husbands thoughts were either to A) answer the door and knock the shit out of this man or B) go back to bed. Good decision on his part is that my husband went back to bed.

My husband and I had a chat when I arrived home that evening and decided that crazy ass landlords were now out of the question and we were going to move from our current location. So we text the landlord and let him know that we would be moving out because of his actions the previous night.

I don't generally like to talk "bad" about people, but this man is a raging alcoholic with a pill problem. I wouldn't generally say something like this if I didn't know for a fact. But I know for a fact. And up until this point, we never had a problem out of him. And he's understood the circumstances before and sometimes has never even asked for the rent until Monday because he knows my crazy Sunday routines.

Well Monday after we text the landlord and let him know our plans to move the following week, he goes a little insane, I guess is a good word for it. He shows up to our door that Monday evening highly intoxicated on his four wheeler with a shotgun! And he expects me to answer my door? OH HELL NO! Now this is when I should have called the cops myself. But being the type of person I am, I just backed away from the door and let it be. All the while he's texting me from outside my home with gun in hand telling me he's gonna call the cops if I don't answer etc etc.... So I told him to "go right on ahead" and so he does. Well I took a sleeping pill and passed out and apparently the cops DID show up to our door. But I was sound asleep. I mean what are the cops gonna do anyway?

And what it all boils down to is he wants the rent for NEXT week, when we aren't even going to be living here.

Tuesday rolls around and he sends his MOM to our door to collect rent that isn't even due yet. And I don't feel I should have to pay since I'm not going to be living here. Well his mom starts to yap at the mouth threatening to call my husband's probation officer and tell her that he's in our home smoking weed and dealing drugs. Come to find out, the landlords mom is actually good friends with my husbands probation officer! OMG talk about a conflict of interest the minute she called her!

Yes my husband is on probation, no it's not for ANY drug related charges.

And then Wednesday pops up! The worst and foremost humiliating day of my life!

We get up like usual. Get around and are fixin to head out to meet up with a friend so my husband can do some work on the roof of her kennel. We get to driving down the road when lo-n-behold we pass 3 sheriff cars and a probation car! But we keep driving. We don't know for sure where they are going, but have a pretty good clue. Well apparently when we left the house the landlords mom alerted the po po so they were already on the look out for us. Because that cop flipped a U Turn and followed us and pulled us over. (the landlords parents home is right across the field from ours)

Because my husband is on probation he has to comply with whatever is asked. So my husband and I were asked to get out of the vechile while it is surrounded by 3 sheriffs and a drug dog, on the side of a busy road, in our small ass town, where I KNOW EVERYONE! I've never been in trouble and never plan on it. So it's a little disconcerting to me for this to be happening. Well needless to say, they never found anything.

They also had us drive back to our home and searched it as well. Again, never found a thing. Because there is NOTHING to find! My husband and I don't do or sell drugs. We are average people living average lives. We go to work and home and that is about the extent of it.

They also made him go back to the court house and take a drug test. Which of course, HE PASSED! Not that we had any doubt he wouldn't!

Now this woman must be pretty close to my husbands probation officer. Because the stupid bitch was sitting outside the court house as we walked out. Talk about wanting to punch someone in the face! OMG I was livid when I saw her.

So that was my embarrassing day in a nut shell! We are still currently residing in the apartment. And have every right to do so until the end of the week because our rent IS paid in full and up to date. Those crazy asses can kiss my ass because I'm not going anywhere until after this weekend.
Ohhhhhhhhhhhh and I forgot to mention that Monday night he threw nails in our drive way. We got video proof of that one along with him toting the gun. Which, if he plans on trying to take us to court like he says, I will show the judge!

Night all!