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Thursday, August 5, 2010

You know you live in the North Georgia Mountains when..........

  • Grandma is called Granny
  • Mom is called Momma
  • Dad is either Daddy (when you want something) or Pop
  • Grandpa is Grandaddy
  • You meet people who come into Waffle House that tell you it's their first time in town!
  • Eating at the Waffle House is part of their honeymoon to their second or even first cousin
  • When you ask someone to repeat themselves a few times because the accent is to thick for you to understand.
  • When everyone looks at you funny because you call Coke, pop. (And everything down here is a Coke)
  • You see people wearing bibs and overalls to weddings and funerals (no joke!)
  • When people call me a sissy for thinking its to hot outside!
  • When people have belt buckles bigger than your fist.
  • Everything is covered with Ranch dressing
  • Ya'll is a common word
  • To find anyone's house you must drive into the mountains for at least 30 mintues and they are all unpaved roads, that require 4-wheel drive....
  • The whole town shuts down when it snows (even less than an inch)
  • Anyone older than you is Sir or Ma'am (even it it's only by a month!)


Evil Twin's Wife said...

You got that right. I grew up in Doraville, GA! :-)

Missy said...

This sounds a lot like KY! LOL