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Saturday, August 21, 2010

If it's not one thing it's another going wrong....

Things have been going so great around here. We've bought a car, been doing good at work, and even getting the wedding on track for Sept 15th.
Well that car situation...ummmm yea, about that....
We were told that the CV Axel was going out. No biggie right? Well we took it in today and a friend of ours fixed it for free. Only the drivers side was out. $70 part no big deal. Went ahead and replaced the belts just because. Got the car all done and even test drove it. Really, again, no big deal right? Apparently not so! So mind you, we test drove the car up and down the road a million times, it's running good. We leave, go back to the parts store return the parts we didn't need to replace, head to McDonald's to get some food. Again, all is well, car is running great..... We leave McDonalds and go to pull out on to the road and all of a sudden we hear a big POP sound. Didn't sound great. I just thought that maybe, just maybe I didn't have it in gear or something...... I really didn't notice anything. Because the road we are pulling out on is a downhill slope. I'm coasting down the hill and go to hit the gas to go across the freeway and nothing....... it won't go! So the car broke down an hour after getting things fixed! And that bad thing is............we don't know what is wrong! It's not the CV Axel obviously, because it's just been replaced! We do know that there is a crack in the Manifold. But we were told that it could possibly be welded. If not, then that is going to cost a good $700 to replace. Could also need a new clutch.... which could cost us about $125. We really don't know what is wrong wrong with it. We are just hoping and praying like hell that it isn't something toooooooooo seriously wrong! So if you pray or meditate....remember us. Because if it is something huge like that we are going to have to cancel the wedding and just get married at the court house.... :(
Later Taters,

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