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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Working in my jammies!!!!!

I must say that I love working from home! I have the freedom to set my own hours, sleep in, and best of all ....... I can saty in my jammies all day if I want to!!!

Working in my jammies just reminds me of the freedom I have as a business owner and a consultant for other companies ( ) And it's reassuring to know that I don't have to drag myself to a 9-5 job with a boss I hate and co-workers that I hate even more! Nope , not me! My freedom exists soley from behind a computer screen!

Imagine my day with me if you will :

Mainly on the days that Amy (my lovely wife) has to work :

5am- getting out of bed and wiping the sleep from our eyes!

5-6am- coffee for her, diet pepsi for me. Watching episodes of Roseann til about 5:45am when Amy decided that she is finally going to get ready for work. I make her lunch and ship her off with a kiss promptly at 6am!

6-8am - I log on to my myspace. Play my mobsters game for a bit. In between having the TV on and watching my everyday favorite shows. Login to my email. Answer and respond to what needs responding to. Post what needs to be posted. Watch some more TV. :o)

9AM-12PM - About the same as 6-8am! lol

12pm - On the dot I usually stop what I'm doing and watch my all time favorite show "Las Vegas" on TNT (which is channel 24 for those of you that live in N.E. Ohio)

After 12pm its usually anything goes for the rest of the day...... Sometimes I stay online all day long and chat with the members of my Yahoo Groups, or simply take the Blackberry to the couch with me (so that I may still have access to the emails coming in) and pass out watching Law and Order.....

Around 5pm ish I start cleaning the house (if it needs done) and getting dinner ready.... Go back to my trusty computer get the emails caught up, login to my myspace yet again play some more mobsters and its off to take a shower.

Around 8pm Amy is walking thru the door after a long hard day in a factory (bless her heart) and we eat dinner relax talk about our days( which she usually teases me about mine) and then its off to bed! Wherein she usually passes out pretty quick and I'm up back on my trusty computer either answering emails or chatting in some chat room with long ago friends or new ones that happen to come by! (You know how chat rooms are)

And in all this you may be wondering...... "When does this woman actually work!" lol Well actually in between all of this I am online looking up new ways to advertise, promoting to my many many Yahoo Groups, chatting with others on their successes and downfalls and gathering ideas so that I may be able to promote my company with more flare and drive in more traffic and get more sales ..... which in the end would equal more money! :O) So yes I do actually "WORK" ! But I dont work in the typical way that everyone else does! And for that I am grateful! Becuz I think if I was to spend a day working a 9-5 again I would probably go nuts!

I love having my own schedule! That means that when a friend calls and wants to go to lunch or just hang out I can say "OK"!

And while I may not be rolling in the dough, Im alright with that! I dont need the material to make me happy (although money is always nice) we have what we need to get by. We have our little one bedroom apt, food in the fridge, clean clothes, two wonderful dogs, and all the love we could possibly imagine! And that my friend is why I love WORKING IN MY JAMMIES!

Signing off,
Sabrae Carter

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