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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Day two as a blogger!

So as you know yesterday I finally started my first ever blog! YAY ME! lol!

Today has been an up and down day! My wife and I have been really really sick for about 3 days now! YUCK! And today was the worst of it for me! I hate being sick! But I can not imagine that there is a person out there that likes it! :O)

As I stated yesterday I am a small online business owner. It was always a dream of mine to own a business! And that dream finally came true! Dwan Perrin and I started the Unique Diva Boutique with our own money. And we are trying to make it as big as we can possibly get it! Dwan has just opened a store in her area, and we are so excited! We have affiliates (many of them) and are trying to do what we can to encourage them to sell, sell, sell!!!! I'll tell ya having a business is wonderful and scary all at once! We work everyday to bring the best products that we possibly can and drive more traffic and sales to our site!!!

Well that is all I can think to say for the night. It's 11:09pm est time here and since I was pretty much down all day I have a lot of work to catch up on :O) There will be more tomorrow!

Sabrae Carter


DJane said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! So excited you decided to join us. I know you'll love it, get sucked it and have fun! I awarded you with the gold card award on my blog so go check it out and claim it!

Denice said...

Hey Sabbie,

Great Blog! Just wanted to stop in and say Hello! Talk to ya soon!

Denice Flowers