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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Why oh why????????

Well some awesome news to start with... The wedding invitations have been ordered, the cake has been ordered and the wedding dress has been bought! The location is down pat and everything else seems to be falling into place. Just need the following....
  • Shoes for the dress
  • Someone to marry us
  • flowers
  • guest book
  • and i'm sure there are some other things i'm forgetting at the moment
  • and also have to take the dress in to be altered (since my boobs are massive they have to take it out a little bit)
The bridal shower is being arranged by two really good friends. I know that we are having a Pure Romance party (I know cuz I set that part up). It's all down to the wire now. And I was doing all of this alone. Then today two really great girls stepped up and took over for me! So it eases some tension in that area!

But today out at my momma's house as I was leaving I had the misfortune of getting stung by a wasp. Yup... right on the lower right side of my back. Boy talk about a shocker and some pain! Gahhhhhhhhhhhh You can click here and read all about it in my latest hub. I haven't been stung by anything since I was like 5! So you can imagine my shock and amazement at getting stung at the tender age of 27! I mean really, I've gone this long and come this far without one single bee sting...... and just walking down the steps ...poof....stung!

Saturday night we went and saw 311 & The Offspring in concert! We had a blast at the concert. Getting there is a whole story in itself tho! We are driving down I-75 doing good on the time and all and excited about getting there. Then it's stop and stop traffic about a mile from the exit we need. Which really wasn't the bad part. I'm not really paying much attention to the truck at all, I'm busy looking around all the cars and such and wondering how long it really is going to take to get to this exit when Tate points out the smoke coming from the hood of the truck....GREAT... so we pull off the highway onto the shoulder and low and behold the truck has started over heating. I instantly feel bad, because 311 is Tate's all time favorite band and we are sooooo close. Lucky for us 2 girls pull over and offer us a ride to and from the concert! We take them up on the offer and leave the truck on the side of the road! They brought us back afterwards and we hopped in the truck and came home. I thank goodness they came along. And being at that concert made my man smile like a kid in a toy store. He definatly had a blast! So here is some video of the concert for your enjoyment!

Later Taters


Evil Twin's Wife said...

You might want to think about napkins or cake boxes with your names and date on them, then fill the boxes with candies for your guests to take home.

You can find shoes most anyplace and have them dyed to match your dress.

This is the FUN part! Enjoy it!

Missy said...

I cannot wait to see Wedding Photos! My first marriage began with a huge, fancy wedding. If we had worked as hard on our marriage as we did on that wedding, we may still be together! LOL