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Friday, July 16, 2010

In the process......

I obviously am getting better about coming back and remembering to update you all on my life. Though I hate to admit it nothing really seems to be happening that is "blog" worthy ever! I don't have kids that I can write about. There are no "funny" stories to inform you on. My life literally consists of Wed-Sat working all night, coming home in the am, writing an article, playing on facebook, playing on line. Checking my AdSense, Kontera, Clickbank and YouTube accounts, getting in a hot bath and soaking (sometimes falling asleep in said hot bath), coming back to the computer, playing around for a bit longer and then heading to bed to do it all over again. On Sunday mornings we have the exact same routine...we get off work (to start our 3 days off) we do all our grocery and household shopping and we come home. And I repeat the same things I do on the days I have to work. And on Monday and Tuesdays we are either cleaning house or just lounging around in it. See I have nothing really apt to tell you about. LOL Hence the reason I find it so hard to come up with great and informative hubs! And it kills me.

It's funny tho, it seems that when I was a "housewife" I had so much to tell you all about and back then I was writing sometimes 2 blog posts a day. And yes there is TONS that go on at the Waffle House. Plenty of drunks that come in and act a fool, get pulled over upon leaving, dance in the booths. But it all seems trivial and hard to explain in my eyes to make you have a good laugh at it all.

Tomorrow though we are deviating from our original plans and not working. We are heading to Lakewood Ampitheather to see 311 and The Offspring in concert. 311 just happens to be my future husbands all time favorite band. He's NEVER seen them in concert. So as an early Birthday present from me to him, I'm taking him. We got pretty good seats. So I'm sure he'll be enthralled and completely oblivious to the fact that I'm sitting right next to him the whole time. LOL Now these bands are defiantly not the kind of music I listen to (unless he has it blaring all over the house) but I'm going in support of him and the fact that we might never get to go to another 311 concert again. :)
Well that's all from the peanut gallery for now.
Later Taters

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Missy said...

I long for the days of a boring routine! LOL Have fun at the concert! I haven't been to a concert in YEARS...