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Thursday, July 22, 2010

2 days down

Well I've got 2 of the 5 days at work under my belt. Only 3 more grueling nights to go! I've been busy when I get home writing the next book, working on the website, and article writing at hubpages. You people out there that like to write informative and creative articles should really check it out! Just click here if you want to take a tour and see for yourself what it's all about!

In other news, I'm having tons of fun with the new digital camera that we bought before the concert. I've been snapping pictures of everyone! LOL And I'm sure they would like to hunt me down and break it! And I've been getting some interesting Waffle House customers on video as well! lol

Well that's all for now....
Later Taters,

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Missy said...

I am a camera idiot!