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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Well it's sunday!

Yes I missed posting yesterday and for good reason!!! LOL!!! We FINALLY started painting the bedroom.. We managed to get ONE wall done!! :) Yes sorry to say that we got a bit distracted...But please tell me how the ONE wall looks! lol And by distracted I mean we rented the 4th season of the L Word and kept finding excuses to go to the living room to finish watching it!!! So today I am sure will be finishing the painting and re arranging of the bedroom (if I can talk the wife into it!) We really do need a change in this room!

Here is the wall..... (well part of it anyway)

I personally think that any color is better than the ALL white sanitarium look that we had once before!

I am proud to report that the wife has fianlly gotten her X-box live up and running and the kids (dogs) are running around the house literally trying to kill eachother! Oh they are so cute when they are asleep I tell you!

Here is the newest picture of Clyde (our new puppy) He is getting so big!!! And the more he is learning to GO TO THE BATHROOM OUTSIDE the more I love him! :)

Also here is a picture of the wife and Duke (my cuddle baby) They were pretty lazy last night! Duke is the kind of dog that HAS to be by your face so you can give him kisses! He will not lick you. But you must kiss him! LOL! He is such a doll!

And last but not least here is what happened in Ohio thuraday night!!!! Have I ever mentioned that I just hate the snow???

Well yes this is a picture taken from the car! lol we were out driving in it! The wife wanted her router for the x-box so we risked our lives on the snow covered road to go to walmart to go get it! :) Well the dog is peeing in the house and I have instant messages popping up on the screen so I have to go attend to the clean up and talking to people! Chat again soon! If you all have YIM please feel free to ad me! :)

Signing off,

Sabrae Carter


JaneyV said...

My Big Son spends his life on X-box live. I think his x-box live friends have replaced his real life ones. Your babies are very cute. I remember that peeing all over the house phase with Pooch - it nearly drove me insane. It didn't help that I was toilet training three toddlers at the time too (I was a childminder). If/when we get another dog - it will be pre-house-trained!

I haven't seen the L-word (of course I've heard of it though). Wasn't the beautiful side kick in Life, Sarah Shahi (man have I got the hots for Damian Lewis) in that show? I bet it beats painting any day! The wall looks great by the way.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

My bedroom needs new paint desperately (and the hallway). The bedroom is a pinky-peachy color with flat paint. Barf! That's the Evil Twin's next project. I like the color you picked. We'll probably go with a boring cream or ivory. LOL.

Vodka Mom said...

I love seeing the pictures!! The color is great, the dog is adorable and the wife looks happy. It doesn't get any better than that.

except maybe with a martini....

Legal Diva said...

1. I like the wall color- its very peaceful.

2. My child just loves his playstation. I can't wait to see their faces with the new DS at Christmas- and I'm even considering a Wii.

3. I used to live in IN and moved because I disliked snow so much. Its so nice to live where it doesn't snow- and I can always visit it if I get really wistful for snow.

Hope you have a great rest of the weekend!

LL Cool Joe said...

Well we even had snow here in the UK today. It's bloody freezing.

I have to say I'm a white wall kinda guy, but your wall looks great.

I so wish we had Walmarts here! First place I go to when I'm in the Sates. :D

Glad you had a cool weekend. :)

aries28 said...

Very cool site. The paint color is very nice. I also dispise sanitarium white. Your pups are cute. I have a spoiled, wonderful cat and sweet, loving, spoiled dog and 2 great boys. My youngest is 16, he also lives on Xbox live, he has friends all over the world. All the Wife needs is a nice cocktail to go with that relaxation. It's also very cool that you have your own business-way to go. Catch ya later!
Peace, Cathy