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Friday, November 21, 2008

I feel so lost!

OMG!!! To blog again! LOL! It is 6:20 in the morning (Friday) I have finally finished off my blog readings that I have neglected the past couple of days and now I am refreshed! lol I emailed the winner of my contest already privatley! So she knows who she is! :)

What to write about!!! Well....hmmm While I was reading the blogs that I read daily I had all kinds of things going thru my head about what to write about and all the things that have and have not and could have gone on in my life... Did that make any sense???

Well needless to say I did NOT get much sleep last night. We went to bed around 2:30am. I got woken up by the stupid puppy whining to go out to potty (and I say that in the most loving way I know how at 4am) So now I am awake pondering what the hell to do this early in the morning! The wife is off work today through sunday so I know we won't be doing much in the way of anything! She will expect me to plant my ass on the couch next to her all weekend and watch tv! Yup that is what we do! Oh the married life! LOL! But I'm not complaning! Really I'm not !!! LOL
Good news is I have two new team members with Gold Canyon!!! They were smart enough to hop on board while the sign up is half off this month and they get their website and e newsletter free for 90 days! I must say I am jelous! I signed up in October and only get the damn thing free for 30 days! What the hell is that!? But oh well I am looking forward to training them and watching them grow very successful like I have!! In two days alone I have made $123.25 right from the comfort of my p.j.'s and my desk!! Most people do home parties and I would LOVE to do one myself, but just don't know anyone willing to hold one! LOL!
Got the wife her christmas present early this year... I got her a subscription to X-box live! OMG!!! If I would have known what a pain in the ass hooking it up was going to be I would have said fuck it and forget it! So last night... We get our activation code. Cool... we knew we would have to go get a Ethernet Cable...ok so we got the damn thing... Came home and tried to hook it up only to friggin realize that we have to go get a Router!!! Ok so its back to Walmart to get a stupid friggin router! We come BACK home (mind you it started snowing between our walmart trips!) only to keep getting error messages. So we call the 24/7 call center to figure this damn thing out. Only to get redirected to friggin INDIA!!! We could barley understand the man!! All I know is he was seriously hitting on me the WHOLE time I was on the phone! So we get the router all hooked up and working properly... hang up with the man in India only to find that now when the wife wakes up she is going to have to call the X-box company becuz she can't get the x-box live to work!!! OMG!
Then sometime in between trying to hook all this up my oldest dog (not the puppy mind you) Duke peed all over my favorite blanket!!! He so knows better and got his nose rubbed in it! So I probably also couldn't sleep due to the fact that I couldn't cuddle up to the blanket!!! Oh stop laughing at me!! Yes I am 25 years old and have a blankie!!! LOL!!!
The puppy over the past few days has been nothing like he usually is. He is getting on my nerves! I am so not patient enough for this crap..... accidents left and right ALL OVER THE HOUSE! I thought he was potty trained already! dang!! becuz the week before he was letting us know that he had to go outside!! I think he has this conspiracy against me or something... he does this to me when the wife is at work.... I swear he is the best dog ever when she is home!!! On a brighter note though I take all the credit for teaching him to sit and shake!!! haha beat that woman!! God I hope she doesn't read this! lol But seriously... I worked with him for a few hours and he got it pretty quick! I was so proud I had to brag... haha I got the dog to sit and shake!! lol Of course at first when she came home he WOULD NOT DO IT! But knew that I wouldn't let him outside to pee (i think he was turning yellow) until he proved to his other mommy that I was right!!! lol And I won!!! Well not to much left to rave about ... my week hasn't been all that intersting! It is snowing in Ohio and that just sucks big donkey butt and the holidays are around the corner and that just sucks big donkey butt to!! And I have been talked into going to the wife's aunts house! O joy of my soul!! I will post more about me and holidays later!
Signing off,
Sabrae Carter


~C~ said...

idk about the X-box company - but I think i spoke to the same guy from india when i had to deal with Verizon - maybe same guy? lol I had all the damn probs with my router, cable yadda yadda - good luck- it's a pain in the ass!
btw - i know what you mean about the holidays - I am going scrooge this year. Have a great weekend!

LL Cool Joe said...

Oh no, not a peed on blankie! Geez I made my younger daughter give up her blankie when she was 6. I think it was seeing Baby Bop with her yellow blankie that actually put her off too.

twinmama said...

When my dogs were puppies they did the same thing. I wanted to be patient, but I just wanted to yell and say, "LEARN!" LOL

Now, one of my dogs has an hormone problem so she will occasionally pee on the floor. We have to give her a pill. I thought they would outgrow the messes, but instead it has changed into a different problem. Joy!

Have a great weekend!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I hate having computer issues. And I've had more than my fair share recently since I bought a new laptop. With Vista 64 bit (no one is writing code for 64 yet - lucky me).

Sparkling Red said...

I still have my Raggedy Ann doll that was handmade for me when I was born. Her face is literally threadbare, so I don't touch her much, because I would be traumatized if her face fell apart.

Warped Mind of Ron said...

I think the puppy learned that it's warmer to pee and poo indoors. The cold is worse than you yelling I bet :)

Vodka Mom said...