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Monday, November 24, 2008

Introducing ME!

I have no idea what to post about today as Sunday was pretty uneventful for me. Yes my blog may say I am posting this on suday but acutally it is 4:30am here in Ohio so technically it is Monday morning! :) So I am just going to post some pictures...of me alone and of the wife alone and maybe one of me and the wife! :)

This is me and the wife back a year later at the club where she asked me to be hers for like the millionth time and I finally said yes October 22nd 2007! :) Yes this was taken October 22nd 2008. She is the one in the white hat... I'm the one on the right that doesn't take picutres very well! :)

Of course you recognize this one as my default picture :)--->

This is me huggin my teddy bear that the wife got me on our second date! Imagine my surprise when she opened the door for me and there he was! :)

This is me of course just being a dork in the car! I think I was waiting on someone ..... lol so when I get bored I tend to just start snapping pictures of myself for amusement! lol Is that concieted???

Well if you want to see more of me please feel free to ad me to myspace if you have one! :) At least I think that is the right URL!!!!! lol!!! Well its off to get the wife up for work and get around! More to come later I'm sure! :)
Signing off,
Sabrae Carter


LL Cool Joe said...

Hey nice to see you and the wife. So how many piercings do you have?

I'm not on Myspace or Facebook. It always feels a bit too public for me.

The Mom said...

Darling shots darlin'!! How bad did that tongue piercing hurt?

Sparkling Red said...

You guys are a very cute couple!

kel said...

cute pics! I got my catalog today, by the way.. love it! now I just gotta decide what to buy!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Awww, you're both so cute. I'll have to come back later (it's dinner time here) and add you to my MySpace. ;-)

~C~ said...

Great pics! :) hayy woman - I am still waiting for you to accept my friend request over at facebook..haha

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! First time here bt you seem to be a lot like me...just tell it ike it is and don't hold back. Honesty and who cares if people don't like it.

Keep it up.

Check mine out sometime.

Dorsey said...

Love the pictures gal! You look so happy with the wife! And personally I like the one of you goofing off in the car better than your default picture, but that's just me. =)