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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Today might not be so good

I'm not really sure what happened... or why it happened... But all I can clearly remember is waking up to the alarm on my phone going off and hitting the snooze. Then repeating that motion a couple of times. Then the wife gets out of bed and says something.... Not sure what it is that she is saying so I say "What?" Innocent enought right? Apparently not! I then proceed to try to wake my groggy butt up only to get yelled at for actually putting the toilet seat down! No neither of us have the male genitals, I mean the toilet lid! I got yelled at for putting the toilet lid down. I put the toilet lid down after everytime of using the bathroom becuz I, for one, DO NOT want to look into the toilet everytime I have to walk in the bathroom. Well needless to say the wife was cranky and took it all out on me! So I, being the somewhat emotional person that I am, started crying at 5:30am! This so far has not turned out to be an entirely good morning! I am still upset but played it off til I shoved her out the door for work! This has to be one of those days that I think I am actually glad that she is gone for the day. Is that bad?

But on to happier things! Thanks so much for all the comments on the puppy! Yes he is adorable, an adorable pain in my ass sometimes :) But hey...... he's the wifes dog! I just take care of him! LOL! I know I should be more loving towards him, but I just DO NOT have the patience for puppies. Could be why I do not have kids yet! LOL! The wife is so protective of this stupid puppy! Let me explain.... We have two mini pinschers at home. In my opinion, they were here first, therefore they should have the run of the house. Right? And I'm sorry for the puppy when he gets beat up on but he needs to learn to take it or not start it! :) I know I sound awful and evil. But honestly she really needs to quit pampering him everytime the mini pinschers gang up on him! It's good for his character!

This is me and Clyde yesterday :)

I guess my day today will be filled with getting this house cleaned up. I got the not so subtle hint that I need to clean out the refridgerator last night. The wife opened up the fridge door and said "NOPE" really loud... Which in translation means "Nope, you didn't clean it out. What the hell did you do all day." I have just let it go. I will get to it today becuz I am just sick of the subtle hints to apparently get off my lazy ass and do something constructive with my time. Apparently becuz I don't run around a factory all day means I don't work ? Oh well enough with my bitching and moaning about my life. I really do love my wife. Just the past few weeks things have been strained and I just needed to get it out!

I want to quickly introduce you to the wife :) Here is a picture taken of us (by me) on our summer vacation to the Tennessee mountains Im on the left with the dark hair and amy is the one with the short blond hair :)

But on happier notes I am starting to build a good customer base with Gold Canyon. The holidays are the times when we sell the most, so I am hoping some of my new found friends on the myspace page will start ordering! Remember to check it out for yourselves as well :) HINT HINT

Well I honestly think that I have run out of things to complain about, write about, or be a smart ass about so I think it is time for me to sign off and go read someone's blog and leave retarded comments there!! :)

Signing off,

Sabrae Carter

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The Glamorous WAHM said...

Hey Ms. Thing! I've missed you girl! Glad to see you stopping by again. No worries, me and the hubby left each other on a funky note this morning too. I think it's that Monday thing.