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Monday, November 3, 2008

House-wife til the end

So after my ranting and raving this morning I felt the only thing necessary to do was catch up on emails and work and read some blogs and THEN go clean. And well, didn't get much done... But I did fianlly clean the fridge out and the wife was happy when she got home. We got McDonalds for dinner (she is obsessed with the Monopoly game) and watched some t.v.

The wife is now passed out and tomorrow is another day. We plan on painting the bedroom and probably the bathroom tomorrow, so not to sure when or if I will be able to post anything. She did come home in a much better mood than when she left. I have to be inclined to deal with the moodiness tho.. She is stressed as am I about bills, work, bills, and oh did I mention bills? Yes things are getting tight with money here in our happy home. And while I can't work outside the house I feel like I am useless when it comes to the helping out around here with anything.

You see last year (before I met the wife) I was involved in an almost fatal car wreck that left both of my knees shattered and 9 ribs broken and I also had to have my head litterally stapled back together. I was working as a nurse and at home depot (part time) and had a wonderful life going. Then BOOM my life was flipped upside down and now I can't work outside the home becuz I have limited use of standing for long periods of time on my legs. No I have not had the surgery to get this corrected. While I can stand, walk, run (more like wobble) it is hard to be up and about for long long periods of time. So thus, I am stuck at home all the time working my butt off online day and night... Which when you are in the kind of business I am in it makes it terribly hard to make the sales, connections, leads, etc......

So this leaves me to be the doting house wife. Which don't get me wrong I love it and I love doting on the wife. She never comes home to a dirty house. She always has meals ready when she walks in the door. And she even gets foot rubs after her long weeks. But lol sometimes the lack of human contact drives me a little stir crazy. My best friends are all far away :( Therefore the only communication I have during the days the wife is at work is with the 3 dogs... and well.... they don't really communicate all that well.. lol My one best friend "K" now lives in Oregon with her finacee and we only get to talk on the phone and she is expecting a baby soon.... so communication is few and far between. And my other best friend "S" has a one year old and lives only 1/2 hour away... but with work and baby and life it makes it hard for us to get together and have some fun.

My friends and I use to always have the best of times together.. Which usually involved my non-drinking self carting them around to the local bars, watching them get plastered, and driving them home :) Oh the fun times!

I do admit I sometimes miss the going out all the time but on another note I am perfectly happy at home with the most beautiful, strong, loving wife that anyone could ask for!!!! I love Amy with all my heart :)
Well that was a bit more about me
Signing off,
Sabrae Carter


Vodka Mom said...

I am so sorry about that damn accident. However, you have a great attitude. no shit. I know what you mean, however, about human contact. It is so easy for me sit stay in my home and just do my thing. I FORCE myself to do stuff these days. However, I know in the long run it'll be good for me. ( and just might give me good blog material.....)

~C~ said...

Good Morning! Yes! I did add your link go see! haha Sorry about that!

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Sorry to hear about the accident. If there is a surgery to help it at all I hope you can get it. I'm glad the wife and you seem to be getting along so well, but I understand going a bit stir crazy during the days without someone to talk to. My puppy is great, but most of my conversations with her end up involving dog biscuits eventually.

Sparkling Red said...

I work in a medical clinic where most of the patients are there because they've been in car accidents. I heard so many heart-breaking stories that I was encouraged to continue my path of living without a driver's license. I don't mind being a passenger, but I'm not a good driver and I can't stand the thought of possibly being responsible for an accident. So, I don't drive. :-)