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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Back to my old self

So for like the past few weeks I have not had to have the aide of the sleeping pills to help me fall asleep.. For that I have been grateful. I have been working my tail off sun up to sun down and passing out at a pretty reasonable time latley.... But last night for some odd, strange, and no apparent reason I had to dig out my little bottle of blue pills and pop one! Which left me fast asleep until about 11am this morning. UGH! That is one of my major down falls with my little blue friends! They leave me groggy. And like tonight... had to resort back to the bottle. It's 1:23am and I should be asleep... But noooooooo not me... up and blogging about anything and everything because I'm waiting on my little blue friends to start working any dang minute now :) And of course the wife has no trouble what so ever sleeping.. she is snoozing gently behind me. I envy her sometimes :) Her ability to just pass out whenever just pisses me off sometimes! lol

We have to be up at 8:30am showered dressed and out the door becuz we have a long day ahead of us. The wife has a consultation in Beachwood, Ohio at 1:45 tomorrow to schedule surgery on her poor ears... The woman is def I tell you! She has to have both ear drums replaced soon. She is 45% def. So we have to go find out when she is getting cut open.. Which means tomorrow will be spent qualming her fears of the upcoming surgery and every day thereafter til it is all done. The poor wife hates the doctors offices and everything associated with them. Bless her heart. I on the other hand could care less. I have been in and out of Doctor offices my whole life with my diabetes. So it's nothing to me.

So tomorrow will be another long long day. Funny thing is today was long... but we got NOTHING accomplished. I know we left the house once today to do something... and the sad thing is I honestly can't remember what we did...... let me think for a second... Oh yeah... duh... we had to go to her work.... forgot all about that!! lol How do you forget something like that you ask?? Well when I figure that answer out I will surely let you know. It seriously took me like 10 minutes to remember... Crap I'm only 25 and getting alzheimers already... Need to have that checked out! We were supposed to start the process of painting the bedroom and bathroom today (only two rooms left in this tiny ass apartment) but never got around to it... instead it was t.v. watching and naping all day.. For which I was grateful to sleep off the rest of my little blue friends... but then the napping left me wired and that is why I am now up, making no sense and waiting for the new little blue friends to kick in. We are going to meet the wifes mom tomorrow morning for breakfast before the Doctor visit becuz the wife is spoiled... must be nice I guess. And since she is spolied she is having her mom take us to the appointment. Fun Fun..... Don't get me wrong.. I love her mom. But I am so use to doing things on my own that it perplexes me sometimes... hmmmmmmmm maybe I need therapy to deal with my issues?? Will have to look into that to in the future. Well I think that the little blue friends are finally starting to kick in as I am yawning and the screen is looking double to me... So its off to bed... more nonsense tomorrow all!
Signing off,
Sabrae Carter


Kat Harris said...

Watch out for the little blue friends. My husband had to take them (or something like them) when he quit drinking to fall asleep, and he did some weird things.

At one point, he swore we had Nazi ducks walking through our hallway.

Yeah, when they say make sure you're ready for bed when you take them . . .make sure you're ready for bed when you take them. ;-)

Thanks for visiting my blog!

~C~ said...

Good Morning Sleepy Head! :) Thanks for the comment - but did I mention that I am a Mia Bella Distributor ? Check out my website here -
I am on some yahoo groups as well in fact I do own one also :) Never tried a Gold canyon candle - Maybe we wil have to swap for candles one day! :) - Hay BTW - I sent ya a friend req over on facebook - add me girl!! And Get some sleep will ya! lol

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Be careful those little blue friends don't turn into a raging monkey on your back :)
Hope the wife's Doctor visit goes well.

twinmama said...

Hope all goes well with your family! And I hope that you are all getting sleep with your new little puppy, too.

BTW - I tagged you for a meme, but feel no obligation to do it.

The Happy Housewife said...

I never have trouble falling asleep. I usually have trouble staying awake! lol!