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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Because it was asked for....

So it's saturday.... wow where has the week gone? Man, feels like it should be like the middle of the week for me :)
So because it was promised and for some odd reason I couldn't upload the picture yesterday here is one of the puppy :) His name is Clyde (yes the wife picked out the name)

This is Clyde! :) He is the newest addition to the family. We have two Mini Pinschers as well (yes they are potty trained) This is the best picture I could grab of him because he is so active and runs away from the camera. LOL

As also asked for is the painted kitchen and living room. LOL So here first is the kitchen! Now remember that this use to be all white! :)

Yes this is litterally how big my kitchen is! I have enough room to turn around! LOL That is what we get in a one bedroom apartment I guess. I also guess I love this color. Anything is better than all white right? And as you can tell... yes I cook and don't clean up after myself!

This is the living room.... You can't really tell by the pictures but the color is no longer ALL white! We painted it a Nutmeg color... Not sure if you can tell by the picture or not?

You can tell though by the trim and the door just how white everything use to be! I apologize for the mess that you can clearly see needs cleaned up! :) It will probably get done sometime in this long lonely weekend while the wife is at work :)

Well this is the house and the puppy and my life in general! LOL! Not to much excitement here. On Monday I will post pictures of the bedroom and the bathroom when they are done. We plan on finishing the apartment then! :) It is a project to bring the wife and I some sense of accomplishment of doing something together.

Well that is all I can think of for now,

Signing off,



Real Live Lesbian said...

Oh...he is too CUTE!!!!

Warped Mind of Ron said...

What a cute puppy. I can tell from here he was looking over at something he wanted to chew up. He just had that look :)

Vodka Mom said...

Thanks for visiting! I can't believe you are from Wooster, Ohio. My father went to college in Wooster. YEARS AND YEARS ago!!

It's cool to make a connection! I'll be back!

Barrie said...

Nice puppy photos!

~C~ said...

Awe your puppy is too cute :)

Sparkling Red said...

Hey, it only took me a week to get back here to admire your photos! I've been a tad busy...

That puppy is adorable! Clyde is a great name. My mom likes to give people names to animals. She always wanted to get a dog so she could name him Ralph.

And I *do* see the nutmeg colour. It's really pretty. Subtle paint changes make a big difference.