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Saturday, November 29, 2008


Well where the hell did my day go yesterday!!!??? I can't believe that I didn't blog! The end must be near! LOL Just kidding! Actually I really can't believe that I didn't blog yesterday... nothing was going on here! I ended up playing Mahjong Titans on the computer pretty much ALL day! Yes my life really was that boring yesterday to say the least! I didn't even read any blogs or comment! OK OK OK OK OK SLAP ME NOW! I promise to get to your blog ASAP and make you laugh hystarically soon!!! I swear!!! But please let the blog be interesting enough so that I can somewhat make you laugh! lol

The dogs were actually really really good yesterday and I am happy to report as well that Clyde (our new addition) had NO accidents in the house! Mainly becuz I didn't give him the chance to. The minute that dog even sturred from his slumber I swooped him up and took his butt outside!! And I think I spent almost every hour on the hour out side....And well it's really cold here in Ohio... so I think my feet got frostbite in the process... but they are back to normal so far :) Now all we have to do is keep him from chewing on EVERYTHING and we have a perfect dog! lol Yea that's a work in progress yet!

So who are my little psycho's that went out shopping on Black Friday yesterday?? Did you get trampled? Are you still alive out there??? I'm glad that you all have the balls to go out on a nutty day! HA! I stayed in doors where it was safe. I was doing some of my daily readings this morning about the maddness that is Black Friday and did you know that in Long Island NY that a man died?? Yes he was trampled to death! True story! So for all you nut jobs out there that braved the day and didn't get into any fist fights or die from being trampled... kudos to you! You have less fear than me! I actually had friends call me and want me to go out shopping with them! HA!!! They might never call me again becuz I hung up on their crazy asses! I will do all of my shopping online! Beat that! lol More deals and it's delieverd to my door! All we have to do is wrap and deliever to the lucky few that will get gifts this year! WHEW!!! What a load off! I mean is it really worth it to crawl out of bed at like 2am to go stand in the cold just to be the first one to pounce on the poor people who have to open the doors to you at 4am? I know if I worked in one of those stores my ass would have called off! lol Probably would have gotten fired... but still would have called off! I tend to have little to no patience when it comes to crazy lunatics in stores. :)

Well not to much else to report yet!
Signing off,
Sabrae Carter
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Warped Mind of Ron said...

I'm with you on the Black Friday thing. So far as I know Walmart doesn't sell anything worth killing or being killed for that I know about.

Mrs4444 said...

How about some puppy pics, Sabrae?! My secret for a good puppy is a tired puppy. Exercise always works. Because I HATE being outside in the cold, I trained our Golden Retriever to use the treadmill, and he loves it. Here's the youtube video:

Evil Twin's Wife said...

In sticking with my tradition of never shopping Black Friday, I did not go out yesterday either.

georgie said...

black friday is da debbil!!! I stayed at my moms and ate MORE turkey LOL

Anonymous said...

I don't shop....let alone on busy days. I would bcome homicidal!

I stayed home, played Scrabble and ate.

Vodka Mom said...

Yeah, I admit it. I went.