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Monday, November 10, 2008

A little romp in the hay???

HaHa! Got your attention didn't I??? LOL No this is not going to be some raunchy post lol Just wanted to get your attention and make sure that you were really paying attention and reading.

I don't know what really to post this morning. This weekend didn't provide any interesting bloggin material. The wife and I proved to be pure lazy! Saturday got up late (after my nap) and we didn't do much of anything. It really was a weekend of pure laziness, rest, and recooperation !!!!! Ahhhh I feel refreshed!

So while I have your attention I want to ask if there is anyone out there who would like to be on my mailing list (email and home) for Gold Canyon and Tupperware? If so feel free to email me your email addresses and home addresses. Email me at sabrae_carter @ and I will get you all set up! You can't go wrong being on my mailing lists for these wonderful companies :)

I am really wanting to build my customer base with Gold Canyon and Tupperware.

So tell me how your weekend went and what went on! I am off to read thru the blog posts that I missed out on! So its off to do comments :)

Signing off,
Sabrae Carter


kel said...

Hey, I work from home too! I do date entry and bookkeeping, full time form home. I would love to support a fellow "work at homer" I'll be emailing ya my info!!

Legal Diva said...

Well, I saw your comment so I guess you already know what I did this weekend!

If you have a rotisserie, try making the deer meat in that. It comes out nice and tender and not dry at all. Tonight husband is taking some of the meat and grinding it up with the spectacular grinder he just HAD to have. He loves kitchen gadgets. lol.

Sparkling Red said...

Pure lazy sounds like just what the doctor ordered. I want me some more of that! (I got a little this weekend, but not enough.)

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Oh.... this post wasn't what I expected. Sort of a false advertising thing isn't it? LOL

Vodka Mom said...

psssst. Get your ass over here and clean MY bedroom. It's a mess.