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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

So finally.............

After posting to my blog yesterday and checking emails and working my tail off til about 4pm I finally did it!!!!! I got my bedroom cleaned!!! No more dirty underware on the ground, no more clothes thrown everywhere, and best yet... no more dust bunnies! :) YAY me!!!! I am so proud of myself!!! And better yet I think the wife REALLY liked it!!!! She didn't know what to think of the clean clean bedroom! LOL!!!!!!! Of course I couldn't stop just at the bedroom... the kitchen got scrubed, dishes done, woodwork polished, everything got vaccumed. So needless to say I worked so hard on this house I made the wife make dinner when she got home last night! LOL! We had deer steaks, corn, and scalloped potatoes. Of course I stood over her and supervised to make sure that she didn't mess anything up, did the dishes after she was done using them, and of course to make sure that my kitchen didn't burn to the ground! Otherwise all that cleaning would have been in vain! I am anal about her being in the kitchen cooking anything! OMG! She has told me stories of when she lived alone. Nope she doesn't even go in there to get anything to drink without me hoovering all around!

So I do have some updated pictures of the new addition to our family. He is getting better about his potty training. But got into trouble earlier today for walking up to me and biting my leg. And no this was not a playful bite! He seriously just walked up to me and bit me!!!!! I was mad! LOL And while I was in the middle of putting some clothes away. It kinda hurt!

This is the wife and Clyde. This puppy is her baby I swear!

This is one of my mini pinschers. This is Daisy! :) Isn't she just a doll!? Look at that little pink dress!

This is my baby Duke! :) This is seriously what he LOVES to do! He curls up under our covers lays down on my pillow and passes out! Of course here he is wide awake becuz he is very aware of when my camera strikes! lol

Well that is all of my babies for now :) Are they not just adorable!?
Signing off,
Sabrae Carter


Legal Diva said...

What adorable little babies. I'm still glad I didn't keep any of the puppies left at our house though! lol.

Warped Mind of Ron said...

What a bunch of cuties. LOL at the puppy biting you. They really don't think those razor sharp puppy teeth hurt, do they? It's all the fun of raising a puppy.

Sparkling Red said...

Well done! Housework can be so satisfying, when you actually can find the energy for it.

Yes, your puppies are all adorable. That little one flaked out on your pillow is the best!

kel said...

AWWW! They are adorable. I've got a dog named Daisy too! Daisy and Dexter.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Awww. All your babies are super cute. I love the pink dress! I had a cat who liked to sleep like Duke - like a little person! Although she liked being under the covers completely even better.

MightyMom said...

cute dogs and good job on the housewifery!

it's hard to find a balance between computer time and housework. Here's what worked for me. I'd make a list of things to get done sometime that week. Then each morning BEFORE sitting down at the comp I'd get 2 or 3 done. By the end of the week most of the list was done and I hadn't worn myself out doing them all at once. It's important to do the chores BEFORE the computer as the computer erases huge blocks of time from the day...don't know how, must be magic. ;-)

Also, I wanted to respond to your earlier post about defining legal marriage.

Married couples in actuality do not have the things that you seek automatically. If my mother were to beat my husband to the hospital...she would have say-so in what happened to me..not him.

Here is how you and your wife can gain all those things you seek legally while you wait on the law to change...and even if/when it does change.

Save up the money (if you need to) and visit with a lawyer--or you can find these forms online, but make sure they are specific to the state you live in.

You will need to put in writing and have signed by a notary the following papers. Then your wife will have all those things that you'd listed in that post.

1) A Last Will and Testament--in this the person names who enherits what at their death

2) A Statutory Durable Power of Attorney with trust powers -- in this the person names who can perform money transactions for her

3) A Medical Power of Attorney - in this the person states who will have the ability to make any and all medical decisions (this is also how you keep from "getting kicked out of the hospital room" as the Med power or attorney can never be asked to leave)

4) Directive to Physicians and Family or Surrogates - this is where you tell the medical personnel and your family exactly what you want done and in what circumstances you do or do not want to be resuscitated.

5) Authorization to Release Medical Information -- this is a lovely thing from HIPPA that states who can have what access to your medical information

6) Declaration of Adult Guardian - this states who is to take care of you if you were ever to not be able to care for yourself

And if a person has children they should fill out a Guardianship Declaration which names the person to take over care of that child should they die.

I feel very very strongly that EVERY person in the US should have these documents filled out and notarized. It matters not if you're gay/straight/married/single/black/white/purlpe or polkadotted. There are always ways for "other parties" to take the control out of the hands of the person you want to have it. Give that person the legal means to maintain that control.

Marriage doesn't grant it. But these documents will.

Good luck to you.