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Thursday, October 9, 2008

You know you should but you dont?

lol you know that feeling you have when you look around the house knowing full well that you SHOULD be dusting, doing the dishs, laundry, bathroom duty??? but you just say to hell with it! lol well that is my day today! For the past week now I haven't really been feeling up to par with anything, or felt like doing anything for that matter! So when I know I feel a bit better today I just dont want to do it! lol and boy do things need done!

Dishes : kinda piled in the sink! lol should do them before the wife gets home since i know i wont do them while she is at work! lol

Make the bed : if i dont make the bed now I will be forced to snuggle up under the covers and head back to bed! lol

Laundry : well its only one basket.....

Dusting.. : to much wood in the house! lol and we still have the air conditioner in the window... so until it comes out this weekend im not dusting a dang old thing!

I know I should do these things... but heck... I can put it off til at least 5pm tonight! lol the wife wont be home from work til almost 8pm tonight! lol procrastination is fun!!

Signing off,
Sabrae Carter


Dorsey said...

Oh man! Are we in the same boat! Only my S/O is out of the country, so I can be a slob a little bit longer. HA! Good luck with the housework and motivation.

I do believe I'll be following your blog from here on out. hehe

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Well as a single guy I must say procrastination is rampant. I mean if I don't do the dishes who yells at me? Nobody... :) Crap! I probably should do the dishes now...

~C~ said...

I say why make the bed? Your gonna go back & mess it up in a few hours anyways right? haha

Blanche said...

Keep up the good work.