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Friday, October 10, 2008

Wow its friday?

So its wonderful friday.... what does that mean for you? A little R&R? Or just the same old same old? Not sure what it means to me really..... as its only just another day. I work from home so its not like I have an actual escape from the office.... hmmmmm this could get interesting... I do know that it means that the wife is off today thru monday morning... Could get even more interesting... I don't complain that she is home :) I love it. She only gets every other weekend off so I cherish the time with her. But then there are the times during the weekends off that I tend to retreat to my trusty computer just becuz I have gotten so use to being alone a lot! lol Man I am becoming such the loner in my own home!

So my week went something like this :
Housework: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA didnt do a damn thing
Sleeping : That schedule is all randomly screwed to hi hell. (Going to have to start popping the sleeping pills again) UGH!
Sat alone: not really alot this week since it was the wifes short week at work.... so I was only technically alone for wednesday and thursday....
Held conversations with the dogs : now dont go sending me off to the looney bin... I talk to my dogs all the time! :) But shhhh dont tell! lol

While normaly I am a neat freak, housework was just not appealing at all... lol and yesterday I posted about the things I needed to get done. I have this strange feeling that I made some of you look around your houses and get to cleaning!!!! LOL SORRY!!!

Nice thing about my woman is she doesnt care half the time if the house is clean or dirty... So on her days off she just makes a bigger mess for me to clean up when she heads off back to work.... Dont you just love that when your S/O does that crap? I mean in all honesty.... PICK UP AFTER YOURSELF! It's really not that hard!!! Send your S/O's my way... lol I will teach them!!!

Well that is all the rants and raves for now... Im sure I'll think of something later.

Signing off,
Sabrae Carter

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Warped Mind of Ron said...

I talk to my dog too, but she doesn't talk back... She does however make gestures at me. Usually it involves her food bowl or the dog treats on the counter. Who knew a dog would be so good a charades :)