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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Reality T.V. ???????????

Ok so I haven't blogged for a bit. And have been just practically lazy for the past 3 days. Which has actually given me time to think a lot, becuz I have been watching a lot of T.V. And I got to thinking about how stupid reality T.V. show really are. I mean are we that bored with our lives that it excites us to watch how the rich and famous are doing? Honestly it just makes me sick sometimes!!!

Take for instance : Tila Tequila, Brett Michales, and Flavor Flav. All rich, all famous, and only two of the three are good looking! Why do they feel the need to go on T.V. and make themselves look stupid??? Are you seriously that pathetic in your life that you need to do casting calls to find love??? Hell I found it on myspace!!! LOL And what about the helpless saps who actually sign on for this crap? Do they have no self esteem that they have to sign on to make themselves look like friggin retards to win the heart of someone??? I know I wouldnt do it!!! No amount of money would ever make me want to go look like an idiot just to try and win the heart of someone!! Come on. They have the money lol just go to a bar or niteclub like everyone else and pick someone up!!! Its not that hard!!!

Ok so have you heard that Paris Hilton has a show now!!!! OMG!!! I died laughing at this!!! Not sure if it is out yet or not but apparently she is doing a reality show or something of that nature to find her new best friend!! Yes you read that right..... she is doing a reality show to find her hot new best friend!!! OMG!!! She is a dumb blonde who is going to inherit daddy's money anyway!!! She can just buy her friends!!! lol But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO people actually signed up to try and win the spot at being her best friend!!!

And last but not least... The Hills.... I dont mind the show so much but really whats the point in it??? All they do is follow around a bunch of over privilaged kids in there lives and air it on tv!!! Like people like me want to be reminded that im poor and dont have money so i cant buy Gucci or prada and dont have mommy and daddy to run to!!! And Lauren Conrad is just a big baby whiner any way!! Can you get more stuck on your self LC????

Well that is my ranting for the day :O) Hope you enjoyed!!
Signing off,
Sabrae Carter


~C~ said...

I love Reality TV - Why? I just love to watch these jokers make an ass out of themselves haha Quality TV lol

Happy Hump day!

Glamorous WAHM said...

I am right there with you sister! The Paris Hilton thing is so freakin' lame! And Flavor Flav? I'm not eveng going there!