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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween at the Waffle House

Well unfortunately for you I didn't get a chance to take pictures of the few that did come into Waffle House last night in their Halloween costumes. Bummer I know. Because a lot of people dressed up and came in, but we were "balls to the walls" busy last night.
Let me tell you about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So it's a typical Saturday night, like usual I get there a little before 10 and sort of "prep" myself before taking the floor. Of course 2nd shift doesn't have their work done, so my co-worker and I get it all caught up. The first two hours go by smoothly with customers litering in and out. Nothing major and nothing busy. Bout 12:30am when the bars finally clear out, we fill up. And I'm talking FILL UP. Our Waffle House can seat comfortably about 60 people (and that is a rough guestimate to say the least) But Jonnie and I are doing our best to keep up. She has one end of the store and I have the other. We're taking orders and filling the grill up. I'm keeping my sanity, taking orders talking with the customers etc....then all hell breaks lose in my corner of the store. Holy SHIT! I evaluate the situation as best I could and realize that "yea I have some army training and can handle myself pretty well when breaking up a fight......but these guys are pretty big and I'm probably going to get slapped around some" So I run to the grill and tell James (our old roomate and other grill operator) that he's the "biggest one in the store and to get his butt over to my corner NOW" he looks at me kinda dumbfounded like "WTF are you talking about" (you would have had to been there to really appreicate the look he gave me) He then turns and realizes what it was that I was talking about. I've never seen a big man move so quick! LOL My hubby is also a cook at Waffle House and yes he can handle his own I'm sure. But he's my height and these guys were like 6ft and taller. So I made him stay back! LOL James and I got the fight under control and kicked some of the aggressors out on their rear end. I mean hey, if they wanna fight in the parking lot go for it! LOL
But then it back to business like usual. And about that time I turn and realize that the store had some how filled up more than it was BEFORE the fight broke out. Needless to say, and to make a long story short, I got my ass handed to me big time last night! It was busy all the way up til about 5am and if I never see another dirty dish or customer I won't be sad! LOL So that was my halloween night in a nutshell (yes I know today is technically halloween, but the bars night for dress up was last night) how was yours?
Later Taters,

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Missy said...

Oh, I hate getting my ass handed to me! LOL
Glad you survived!