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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Wanting to kill him!

I love my man. I really do....but we have to do something about that dang snoring or I'm going to suffocate him in his sleep! LOL I got a rude awakening with the sounds of a forest being sawed down right next to my head. So I get out of bed, come to the computer after grabbing a diet pepsi and low and's now quiet...And the minute I get back into bed it going to start all over again. And the weird thing is, I know I put ear plugs in when I laid down this morning....but for some reason when I woke up they were gone! So I've got to dig out a new pair and hope and pray that the snoring doesn't start back up when I get back into bed, or else he's ending up on the floor.
Also right now my Grandma is in Georgia from New York and I woke up to a text message from Momma that stated they were going to the waffle house to eat today! Well I text them back and told them I hated them because they didn't go to Waffle House when I was working. Then I called the waitress up there since I know her really well and told her to spit in their food! Was that a little mean? Eh probably not. LOL Since they never take me out to eat! HAHA My mom got a kick out of it! Well off to try and sleep. Just thought I'd give you a bit of a laugh on my morning madness... Can't believe my butt is awake only 3 hours after I fell asleep!
Later Taters,


Missy said...

I hope you didn't swallow those ear plugs! LOL

Bee and Rose said...

Ok...Waffle House...super YUM! There is one five minutes from my house! husband is the world's loudest...I actually have it on may show up on my blog if he doesn't stop it soon!