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Friday, June 4, 2010

Why did you start blogging?

It's a really good question. It wasn't asked to me per say. I read this post on someone's blog and thought to myself this is a really good question.

Why did I start blogging?

Hmmmmm I can't even really remember how I came accross blogging. I know at the time I was a "housewife" with no kids and nothing to do with my time. I was home alone all night for 12 hours at a time and needed something other than MySpace and Facebook and housework to keep me occupied. I did the Twitter thing as well and was working with some home based hole in the wall companies that really weren't making me any money. I joined a bunch of Yahoo Groups and was just bored. I had a lot on my mind and a lot to say. And no one to say it to. And one day I just signed up and have been doing it ever since. At the time I had plenty of time on my hands to do it everyday (sometimes more than once a day) and to keep up with it. But then as most of you know things changed and I moved to Georgia. I kept up with it for probably the first month or so I was here. Then I did the whole "going to get a job" thing and just haven't really thought much about it.

Then one day out of the blue my friend Stephanie posted a comment and asked me if I ever "updated" this thing anymore. And actually I quiet miss blogging. I've plenty of funny stories about my job as a good ol Waffle House waitress and plenty of things to blog about. It's just wanting to and getting the effort up in the mornings to sit down and type them out. Cuz frankly I'm worn out when I get home. :)

So I guess the question I pass on to you is : Why did you start blogging?

I know also it has given me a chance to meet some really neat people in the blogging world. And I've also had fun reading about your lives. Makes mine seem like a walk in the sane park at times ;)

Well I worked all night last night and it was slow as heck. But nonetheless I'm worn out and tired. So until next time all.

Later Taters


Warped Mind of Ron said...

Hey, I haven't dropped by here in forever as I thought it was sort of done ;-) welcome back. Why did I start blogging???? Insanity is the best answer. Either insane to start or to postpone insanity, not sure which.

ABrownEyedMom said...

That's a great question! I'll have to think it over! I've got so much on my mind right now.