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Thursday, June 24, 2010

I hate working...

Yup I'll admit it... I hate working... Well in the real world anyway. But then again, who doesn't? Hence the whole reason of putting this website together and trying to make it work! It's slow coming. This morning I put up two new pages (mind you there is 999 pages to this thing!) One of them being on Sports and the other on Gaming. So if you have a kid in sports or love online gaming those sites are DEF for you! So please, feel free to check them out and if you want to see something on the website don't hesitate to send me a comment and let me know. Or an email for that matter! I'm more than open to suggestions! I really want this website to be up and coming with everything you want and or need all in one spot!

In other news tho, we had some crazy kids come into the good old Waffle House last night! And I do believe that they actually scared some customers! HAHA. They played all the Waffle House songs on the Jukebox and I wanted to physically hurt them. Yes I hate the Waffle House songs on that dang old Jukebox! They drive me insane. Only because on the really busy nights at work people think it's funny to play them 100 times! Jokes on them though, behind the counter we really can't hear them! HAHA suckers!
So how is everyone's summer vacations going? Any plans or trips in the making?

Later Taters,

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