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Saturday, January 3, 2009

This is going to be a VERY long long night!

Oh you like the title of this post??? Oh I mean it to! This is going to be a long long long long long (well you get the picture) NIGHT! Let me explain!
The wife? AT WORK
3 Dogs
One dog is on his death bed (only like 5 months old) he is vomiting like every 5 to 10 minutes. Won't keep nothing down. Hasn't eaten in like a day. We have NO ANIMAL HOSPITAL around us to take him to! And even if we did.... I couldn't go ... I don't drive and the wife is at work. So I'm cleaning up vomit every time I turn around...trying to get something in his system.. keeping water with him (that he IMMEDIATLY throws back up)
Another dog is craving mommy time (which I don't have it to give right now and I feel bad)
And the other last dog is tearing things up all over the house!
Not to mention the fact that I think someone tried to get into the house earlier! Yea talk about kinda freaky! But I'm a big girl that can defend myself! And heck even if they tried to kidnap me or something they would get sick of me and bring me back in like 5 minutes anyway.
So yea that is my night in a nutshell so far and it is only 11:30pm right now! I have til almost 8am when the wife gets home! This is seriously going to wear me out!
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Well I have a deathly ill puppy that I hear hacking up a lung so I must be off now. Pray for him! We can't stand it when our babies are sick!
Signing off,
Sabrae Carter <----Gold Canyon ROCKS!


Braja said...

Oh bummer...I'm so sorry to hear that Sabrae...but those darn puppies are glad of it, I'll bet...

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Sending prayers out for the puppy. It's like having a sick child my heart goes out to you.

anymommy said...

I hope you made it through the night. I'm so sorry for your little puppy. That sounds like a super long night.

Janie said...


Your puppy may have parvo. Has he/she been vaccinated against it? It is deadly and one of the best immediate cures the vets do is to hook them up to an IV so they won't dehydrate.

Did y'all take the dogs with you on vacation? I can't remember.

I'll be praying.

Anonymous said...

Oh crap, what a night. I can't believe you're still up, by the way. I'm up but at least I slept in the middle somewhere.

LL Cool Joe said...

Poor Puppy. Poor You!

I was going to wish you a Happy New Year, but that would seem inappropriate now!

Hope everything works out ok.

dizzblnd said...

Poor puppy! Poor you. it is rough to see your kids sick. I hope he pulls through. As for you, you need a bottle of something containing alcohol and Valium. Well not all at the same time, but in small doses.

I hope you got judging from the lack of responses, I hope that is the case instead of something else

You are all in my prayers

dizzblnd said...

I am so sorry for your loss :(