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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Oh my lovelies! (I think I spelled that right!)

Hi everyone!!! Man where to begin?? Well not sure becuz mainly there is nothing new (like yesterday) to report! So I will just babble away for a minute and hope to keep your undivided attention! :)

So we still have our rental car and the wife is still bitching about it! lol She says she feels like she is driving a truck! Its like a KIA something... I think a sportage...but not sure. And of course compared to her Toyota Yaris it is a truck! lol We get so many comments on the 'bubble' (that is what we call her car) Its funny!

So I want to tell you all about something that is completely FAB! As some of you know I belong to TONS of Yahoo Groups! Well there are 2 particularly wonderful groups! One is called Blogging Fans (you can find the button to join if you wish over on the left hand side of my blog here) And another group that is FAB to join is called True Best Friends! Here is a description of the group:
This group is for all FEMALES over 18!
Find your true best friends, BFF, and more!
Looking for female friends to confide in?
Need a place to vent?
Join us for friendships and more!
We don't have a lot of rules here.

1. You must be female and over 18 to join.
2. No bashing, fighting, arguing with other members.
3. Have fun.
So jump right in! Be sure to invite your friends

Click to join truebestfriends

Click to join truebestfriends

This isn't a shopping group. Just a place to come and chat and hang out! We have some questions of the day that are fun! We have some wonderful owners (of course I am one of them) and since joining this group with some wonderful ladies I have pen pals and friends from all over!
So why not join us and have some fun!?
Well that is all for now!
Signing off,
Sabrae Carter


Military Momz said...

Thanks for the link! I will be checking it out.

Bella@That damn expat said...

Are you back for good now or are you just toying with us?
I gave you an award:

HealthyHomeJunkii said...

You are so sweet to post these links.

And by the way, "militarymomz" is not welcome. Sorry.

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Can I join? I've always wanted to be surrounded by a whole bunch of women, well that's only part of the fantasy, but that's all I'm telling for now :)

LL Cool Joe said...

I wanna know if there's a group for men!

~E said...

Blech. Super pissed that the Steelers won the Superbowl...but on the upside, now that the game is over you can love me publicly again right?