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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Wow its Saturday with so much to tell...Maybe?

So it's Saturday! Yay!! I haven't written much of anything lately becuz there really isn't much to write about...My day is about the same almost everyday..

I get up (if i'm not up already) around 4am.

Let the dogs out and feed them

Make the wife her lunch (if she has to work that day)

Send wife out the door for her 12 hour shift

Answer emails

Read and comment on blogs

and that is about all I do for the rest of the day (unless the house needs cleaned)

So I have purposefully not been writing becuz like I stated...nothing really to write about! I do have this HILARIOUS post that I found on someone elses' blog that I will be posting tomorrow!! I had to ask her permission first and got it! If you don't die laughing at it you are seriously deranged!

In other news the wife got her promotion at work! YAY!!! But it kinda sucks in a way since I will be stuck at home AT NIGHT alone now instead of during the day! Yea she got the promotion but she has to go to the night shift now... so somehow I have to think of a way to keep her up all night tonight after her long shift today at work... and she will have tomorrow off and start up monday night on her new shift... It's exciting and she has been working hard at getting this promotion..but damn it all... I don't like being here alone during the day let alone being here all friggin night!!! But it could work out since I am a night person anyway... And when we got together she was on nights...but then again I wasn't living here at the time either! So we will see how this goes! The bright side and the down side is she is working two long weeks in a row so that means two big paychecks in a row...woohooo!!!

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Well I don't know what else to report on right now... So I will leave you to again scratch your head and wonder if I should go to therapy or not! :)
Signing off,
Sabrae Carter


Anonymous said...

Yay promotion!
Boo crappy work shifts!

Dawn said...

Well, that's great she got a promotion.

The night shift would be hard for me. I have a hard time sleeping when I'm alone.

Do you work? I'm clueless! LOL!

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Yay, For the promotion! Schedule changes always suck though, it should be a real fun adjustment.

dizzblnd said...

I am sure everything will work out. Just remember it's just as tough on her as it is on you.. so when you annoy each other.. keep that in mind.

I will be looking forward to the hilarity to ensue tomorrow, I like waking up and laughing!