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Saturday, December 27, 2008

We made it!

Well we are now in Georgia! YAY! It only took us a million years to get here! We left yesterday morning around 9am and got here well after 9pm. Mind you it should have only taken us 10 hours not almost 13!

To start the wife got a navigation system for Christmas. All fine and dandy... Except that our charger in our car for outlets like phones and things does not work and hasn't worked since before I can remember... So the stupid thing died. Well we didn't really need it anyway. We knew where and how to get here. We've been here a million times before. But OH NO. The wife just wanted that dumb dumb thing to work! So we spent an extra 1 1/2 hours roaming the country side of southern Ohio trying to find a stupid Walmart to get a charger for it! Well no such luck! The one we were looking for, well they just don't carry it any longer! Matter of fact...NO ONE DOES! So we wasted precious road time there!!!!! OMG! Needless to say we did manage to arrive in Georgia around 7:30 last night... All fine and dandy... (Mind you we have to go through MOUNTAINS to actually get to our destination....)

So off we go through the back woods of northern night.... and what happens to us????

Are you wondering yet????


Fog as thick as friggin pea soup! We seriously drove like 20mph all through that damn mountain! Of course I, being the scared shitless person that I am, held my breath. I mean you seriously couldn't see 5 feet in front of you in some spots! OMG! Then once to the road that we need to turn on you feel like you are in a scene from The Hills Have eyes or Wrong Turn.! Needless to say I locked the doors! The drive usually doesn't bother me during the day. But f*ck ever doing that at night again! Nope not me!

But we did arrive safely and gorged ourselves on Turkey and all the trimmings and passed out hard!

So we are here and nothing really exciting is happening. Well not yet at least.. It is only 9:30am. Lol and momma is still sleeping and the baby is awake (not mine oh no!) And the wife is playing outside with the dog.

So I will keep you posted. It will probably be a pretty boring day around these parts. Which is ok by me. That is what we come here for... Rest and Relaxation!

I want to again thank E and Joey for guest posting on the blog! It was fun reading all the comments from both posts! YAY!!!

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Signing off,
Sabrae Carter
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That damn expat said...

Oh no. I gave Fiance a navigation system for Christmas.
At least now I know to make sure it's charged before we leave.

Mrs4444 said...

Glad you made it safely! Mr.4444 just drove Kyle to swim practice, because their is dense fog here, too! (Wisconsin) Have fun.

Tenakim said...

We had fog here yesterday- freaky and 65 degrees! Have fun!

Karen said...

LOL .... I dunno, sometimes those paper maps or a good road atlas seem so less complicated !!! Glad you made it there safely :-)

Vodka Mom said...

whew. I was worried about you!!!!!

LL Cool Joe said...

Travelling can be so much fun can't it? We got lost going out towards the coast last night. I was driving and my partner was sleeping, I mean navigating... yeah right. We ended up at someone elses house with a box of Christmas presents! :D

Evil Twin's Wife said...

It was VERY foggy here too yesterday. Today, it's sunny and 71 degrees... odd for this time of year. But, I'll take it. :-) Glad you arrived safe n sound.

The Mom said...

Glad you made it and fog is BAAAD in the valleys around here, we came home from that area yesterday but the breeze luckily blew it out! Here's to a happy and healthy new year!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you made it through the fog. I hope you have a great time!

Mrs. Schmitty said...

Glad you got there safely!

Sparkling Red said...

There was thick fog in Toronto too! Driving on the highway got a little scary at some points, especially when we couldn't even see far enough to read the signs. But at least it cleared up before dark. Driving in that fog at night? would have been terrifying!

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness! I hate being out in the fog at night. Then to have to drive through the mountains too... no thank you! LOL! Glad you made it safely. How long are you staying?

Ivanhoe said...

Hope you are having great time in Georgia!
Just found out that your wife is a Pat's fan, too. Well say hallo to her for me and tell her that Brady will be back next year and we will get to Play-offs then :o)