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Thursday, December 4, 2008

So So weird!

Ok so this is strange for me! Maybe becuz I am procrastinating on going to do the dishes and clean the house.. I'm not sure! But I do know for me to be blogging at 4:30 in the afternoon is quiet, how do you say it?, strange! Normally I am half zombie-fied and barley awake to say the least! But hey here I am. And surprisingly I have nothing really to blog about! This is going to be an interesting post so please hang on to your seats!

So I tomorrow I might not be online to much becuz today is the wifes last day at work for the weekend so she will be home and conviently shoved up my ass until she goes back to work on Monday morning. YAY!!! No really I am happy that she will be home. LOL! Now just to find a way to keep her from that stupid X-box live for a day and we will be good! This is going to be a James Bond kinda mission I tell you... hmmm I can't exactly lay out detailed plans here on the blog as to what to do... (She does occasionally read it) HAHAHAHAHAH HI HONEY! LOVE YOU!

The dogs have been pretty good today... not to much to report there. HMMMMMMMM Lets see....OMG! You have to jump over to Ron's blog and read his new version of the 12 days of christmas... to funny!

Let's seeeeee hmmmmmmmm man this sucks blogging in the middle of the day when nothing is happened yet and I'm not downing sleeping pills.... crap!

I fear the witty me only comes out to play in the wee hours of the night or like 5am! This is going to seriously have to change! Maybe I should down some sleeping pills now and see if it helps??? LOL So totally kidding!

Our weekend isn't going to be filled with to much fun and excitement. Last night we went to Walmart and spent close to $200 on food and other accessories so that we won't have to leave the house. The news was calling for snow here in Ohio...but ummmm I think Dick Goddard lied! (he is the weather man) I know that we have to go do MORE laundry tomorrow... Well I shouldn't say we... I should say I! But we have to go to the laundry mat to do it as we have tons of blankets and rugs and other fun stuff to do.

Hoenstly now I think I'm trying to hard to amuse you.... So I will leave you now scratching your head and wondering yet again if I need therapy.... :) Lots of love to you all
Signing off,
Sabrae Carter


Legal Diva said...

I scratch my head a lot anyway... not just because of you. You actually make sense, which I guess means maybe I make people scratch their heads too?

Good luck on the laundry- we have 7 people in our house and I am pretty sure I will never be caught up until everyone moves away... :)

Anonymous said...

Have a great weekend and I am sure that you guys will think ofsome FUN and EXCITING things to do...right there at home...don't even have to leave the bedroom. :)

Have fun!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I spent almost $200 at Walmart on my weekly shopping trip too - but I had to buy some things I don't buy too often, and it jacked my bill up by about $50. I wanted to pass out when I saw the total. Blech. Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm!

JaneyRuth said...

You don't need therapy...

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Thanks for the plug, it might make my musical career skyrocket and then I will be wealthy!!!!