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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Much ado about NOTHING!

Well it is offically Sunday here in good old snowy Ohio! OMG! The snow started about an hour ago and hasn't really let up here yet! I think it is sufficent to say that I have officially gone LOOPY! So I will tell you why I have gone insane now!

psychotic Pictures, Images and Photos Ok so do you know what I did last night??? I spent 14 1/2 hours in a live stream chat trying to win a stupid Coffee Brewer! Yes 14 1/2 hours!! Mind you it is now after midnight in Ohio! I only got 3 (or was it 2?) hours of sleep today before I had to wake the wife up for work! So yes I am offically kinda going NUTS! The dogs keeping pooping and peeing all over the house! So I am kinda at my wits end!

santa Pictures, Images and Photos Thanks for your feed back on my post about telling my kids about Santa or not! One person even told me the other parents might hate me becuz my kid won't believe in Santa and they will be telling all the other kids about it! HAHA! Oh well.. I guess I will cross that bridge when I get to it...

Diet Pepsi Pictures, Images and PhotosI offically running down to the last can of this stuff...Not a good combo when I feel this way! Diet Pepsi and I are like some with their morning cups of coffee... I do NOT function correctly with out it! Therefore the wife WILL suck it up and go get me more when she gets home in the morning!
Ok I think that about sums it up for now! Sorry I did not amuse you today! Usually when it comes to me and lack of sleep I am MUCH better about making you somewhat laugh! lol
Signing off,
Sabrae Carter

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That damn expat said...

Ooo ooo that person was me! :-P

14 hours for a coffee brewer? That is crazy. Did you at least win?

Rebecca L said...

It was fun hanging in the chatroom all that time. :]

There's always next time to win! haha. too much craziness, eh.

-Rebecca aka PinkReBunny

Vodka Mom said...

pass the diet pepsi.

aries28 said...

I am laughing at your 14.5 hrs online for a coffee maker LOL now that is funny. Must be all that caffeine in those soda's :) Have a warm and restful day !

Janie said...


14 1/2 hours?

That is crazy!!!

Go get some diet Pepsi.

Busy Mama said...

That is a funny post hun! Why don't u get some sleep today? It's a snowy yucky day here in NH too, great day to curl up and take a nap! ttys

georgie said...

geesh i hope you won that coffee machine....thats some dedication

LL Cool Joe said...

Wow and I thought I had addictions but geez, 14 hours!! I don't wanna do something I enjoy for 14 hours!! :D

AvonDivaMom said...

Hey there. Just stopping by! Love the blog! Sheesh, I gotta drop by more often. Do you want to add each other to our blog rolls???

As for the snow...sorry! We haven't had snow (yet), not even sure if we get much of it here.

Staying up late...hmmm well, I've been getting up much earlier than usual. LOL

Santa...haven't read that entry yet... I will have to check it out.

Soda...well we haven't had soda in the house in about a month! I'm dyin' for some! LOL