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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Eeek 4 more hours

Till I go to hell! lol No really about 4 more hours until I head to the inlaws for their Christmas get together! God help me! This should be interesting since I havent' celebrated the holiday in at least 7 years! How do you do it!?

Signing off,
Sabrae Carter


That damn expat said...

Lots and lots of alcohol!

We are hosting an expats dinner in half an hour and I've sent Fiance to the kitchen so I can drink wine in peace and catch up on blogs.

Warped Mind of Ron said...

I'm taking Exederin Migraine now. If I drank I would be doing that instead.

Anonymous said...

LMAO have fun love....keira and I made ginger bread men and trees she said they were retarded love you MOM cant wait to SEE YOU!

Activities@home said...

A glass of wine and a smile.