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Friday, November 7, 2008

Too funny, So I had to repost!

I was over at Half Past Kissin Time's blog and was reading thru her friday fragments. I came accross this article as a result. While I do feel bad for the kid in the article I just have to think of what possessed this kid to do this!!!!! So here is the article................

Milwaukee teen survives being compacted in garbage truck

MILWAUKEE — A Milwaukee teen survived after he was accidentally dumped into the back of a recycling truck and compacted.

Police say the 14-year-old boy ran away from a boot camp-style school for teens Monday and hid among cardboard in a large recycling bin.A Waste Management truck arrived and picked up the bin with its mechanical arms, dumping the contents into its rear compactor.Waste Management spokeswoman Lynn Morgan says the truck continued on its collection route, compacting cardboard several times.The boy was semiconscious when he was finally spotted after the truck dumped its load at a recycling processing center in suburban Germantown. He was taken to Children’s Hospital in nearby Wauwatosa. Police say the boy’s injuries aren’t life-threatening.

Mind you I am in no way making fun of the situation or the kid... but I did have to laugh just a little after reading this! Well its off for me now. I am supposed to be in bed and it is 3am. I have to get up way early (6:30am) and go to an appointment that I just really do not want to go to!!!
Signing off,
Sabrae Carter


Kat Harris said...

That kid is so lucky to be alive.

Imagine the stories he'll one day tell his kids.


Have an awesome weekend!

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Do you think he will ever participate in recycling now? Or do you think when he hears the word he will stop and piss himself? Still he's a pretty lucky boy.

Mrs4444 said...

How did the appt go? Glad you went? Were you able to stay awake? :)