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Saturday, November 15, 2008

It's happening again!! NEWS STORY

I had the option to watch this last night after the wife went to bed. This man/woman leaves me intrigued. I am not against what he/she is doing in any sense. In fact, I commend him/her. Technically he is considered a man by all legal standards. But CHOOSE to keep his reproductive organs in the case that he may acutally one day want to have a child. Is there anything wrong with that? I don't think so. To each his own. So here is the story....

Thomas Beatie, the controversial "pregnant man" who gave birth to a daughter earlier this year, reveals to Barbara Walters in an exclusive interview that he is pregnant again with his second child.
'Pregnant Man' Thomas Beatie discusses gender roles, public perception.
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Thomas Beatie, a transgender, welcomed a baby girl, Susan, June 29. Since
sharing the story of Susan's birth with ABC News, he and his wife, Nancy Beatie, hadn't spoken to the media until they sat down last month with Walters.
Thomas Beatie, who is in his first trimester, tells Walters he did not go back on the male hormone testosterone after Susan's birth so he could have another baby.
"I feel good," he said. "I had my checkups with my hormone level, as far as the HCG. And everything is right on track." He says the baby is due June 12.
Thomas Beatie also spoke to Walters about Susan's birth, which was not via Caesarean section. He was in labor for 40 hours; Nancy Beatie cut the umbilical cord.
'We're Just a Family'
In the spring, Thomas Beatie wrote an article in the national gay magazine The Advocate, revealing that he was legally male and that he was pregnant. He released a photo showing his bearded face and pregnant belly. The news -- and the controversial photo -- ignited a media frenzy and provoked questions about traditional notions about sex and gender.

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"Hiding a pregnant man is like hiding an 800-pound gorilla," he said of his decision to go public. "Nancy and I wanted to tell our story from our own mouths before it got out."
Thomas Beatie says he was surprised at how quickly the news of the "pregnant man" spread.
"I was shocked that it looped around the world in 24 hours," he told Walters. "I mean, it was on Chinese Web sites and, you know, Web sites in Romania and Russia and Brazil."
He became an instant target of the tabloids and paparazzi, and fodder for talk shows and late-night television. Some people called Thomas Beatie a freak. He received death threats, and thousands of hateful comments still litter the Internet. To this day, he continues to receive anonymous hate messages.
Since Susan's birth four months ago, Thomas Beatie, 34, and his wife, Nancy Beatie, 46, have been living a quiet life in Bend, Ore., and have rarely been seen in public, keeping their blinds drawn and monitoring surveillance cameras that surround their property.
Despite concerns for his family's safety, Thomas Beatie says that he won't let fear rule their lives and that he feels they are a traditional family.
"We are a man, woman and child. It's ironic that we are so different but yet, we're just a family, just the same as anyone else," he said.
When asked why he makes many people uneasy, Thomas Beatie said, "I think that people are not used to seeing the image of a pregnant man. And it's causing a lot of people to think. … I used my female reproductive organs to become a father."

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Tenakim said...

I watched Barbra Walters last night. I also saw when they were on Oprah. It's hard to wrap your head around because he/she still has female 'stuff'. A 'MAN' can not have a baby- that's a fact. He/she is so wrapped up in the 'social' labels- being referred to as a man- I sort of feel you can't have it both ways. I am, not, however, one of those prudes that think anything bad of them- they seem to have their shit together and be decent people and they're great parents.

Mandy said...

I don't think anything bad of these people either. It certainly is hard for us to wrap our heads around something that goes against the norm. I worry about the kids. I hate that these children are going to have to defend the people that love them and provide for them just because it's not the norm. Does this make sense??

Evil Twin's Wife said...

It seems like a big deal now, but I bet as the kids get older, the furor will die down and they can all live normal lives. I hope. They are a lovely looking family.

Legal Diva said...

I suppose I don't find the story very amazing, considering that he was born a woman and retained his woman parts. I've seen plenty of lesbian women who purposely dress manly and attempt to downplay their femininity- just like plenty of gay guys dress in drag.
They make a beautiful family, and I think as the children get older there will be less media coverage and they can grow up normally. If you didn't know which of them had the baby- you wouldn't give them a second glance on the street.

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Ummm... didn't think it was that amazing. If you find a man that was born with a penis and still has a penis that is pregnant I will totally be amazed :)

As long as they love the kid and he/she is raised in a healthy environment I don't care if it's two women, two men or whatever. It's all good.

LL Cool Joe said...

As a transman myself, I do still have some female parts, but consider myself to be 100% male in every way, even though my biological body would tell a different story. I won't tolerate being called she, and the idea of having a child naturally repulses me.

I'm sure the guy you are talking about would prefer that you called him "he" btw. You don't go through top surgery and have hormones to make you male to be called "she".

No, we may not be the norm, we may be called freaks, but my adopted kids just love me for me, whatever label you wanna use.

Anyway, who wants the norm any way? :)

Sparkling Red said...

Well, there you go. I wish them all the best. I'll be interested to hear from the kids, if they go public later with their stories of how it is growing up in that household. They'll hopefully grow up to be thoughtful, insightful individuals, because you can't get away with having a simple life when your circumstances are so different from the norm.