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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Holiday shopping just got really easy for you!

Are you having trouble shopping for someone this year? If yes then you have opened the right blog becuz I have a solution for you!!! Have you ever checked out Gold Canyon? Gold Canyon is amazing and truly is the worlds finest in candles, bath and body, and even home decor and Home cleaning! Just check this out! You can check out my website and order right from there at

For the ladies in your life try Emerge!!!! Emerge was designed by women for women!! EMERGE was created to give every woman a daily renewal opportunity. Featuring eight botanical-based body care products, EMERGE provides energy for the body, focus for the mind and balance for the spirit. So that you can EMERGE, healthy and whole, confident and prepared to be your best.

Tired of cleaning your house with harsh Chemicals? Try our Homeology line of cleaning products! Featuring only naturally occurring ingredients such as coconut-based cleansers, purified water and essential oils, Homeology combines the benefits of Aromatherapy with the effectiveness of nature’s best cleansers.

We also have wonderful candles that will fill your home with the rich aroma of just about anything!!! Want your home to smell like a wonderful bakery? Try our baking line of candles!!! Love the smell of coffee brewing but don't like to drink the stuff??? That is fine to.... Just check out our Caffe Velluto line!!! The possibilites are endless with Gold Canyon!!!

And best of all it is super affordable!!! We also have a gift giving line that will come with a cute box!!! Check it out today and stop fretting about what to get when it is all at your finger tips!!!

Sabrae Carter

Gold Canyon Demonstrator


jaime said...

hi! thanks for your comment, and for going easy on me! lol!! you have a great blog here and i'll be sure to stop by the products too. forget about getting them for gifts for other people...i would buy them for MYSELF! heehee

Mrs4444 said...

Sabrae, do you have a list of the ingredients in the body stuff? I have a friend who likes that kind of thing, but she's kind of picky...