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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


My newest business venture and the one that I hope will finally take off the ground :)

It is Gold Canyon.

OMG Guys and gals!!! Gold Canyon is amazing! I have spent the last few days tweaking out the kinks in my ads and getting the word out about Gold Canyon to everyone I know! You should check out these amazing products! I will start by introducing you ladies to the EMERGE line!

Designed for women by women, EMERGE was created to give every woman a daily renewal opportunity. Featuring eight botanical-based body care products, EMERGE provides energy for the body, focus for the mind and balance for the spirit. So that you can EMERGE, healthy and whole, confident and prepared to be your best.

Next the wonderful all natural cleaner HOMEOLOGY

Featuring only naturally occurring ingredients such as coconut-based cleansers, purified water and essential oils, Homeology combines the benefits of Aromatherapy with the effectiveness of nature’s best cleansers.

Oh and I can't forget our wonderful candles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You should really check out Gold Canyon for the Holidays!!!! Email me with any questions! sabrae_carter @

Or for more information on how you could also get introduced to Gold Canyon for yourself!!!!

Signing off,

Sabrae Carter

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Warped Mind of Ron said...

What's with all the candles and such? Don't you have a store that sells porn ;-)