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Saturday, October 11, 2008

I'm on my Gay marriage soapbox yet again

I promise that this soapbox will not last for long :)

But with everything that is up and coming I was doing some video watching on youtube as I usually do at 4am when I fail to be able to fall back asleep and I came across a few videos that I would love to share with you on gay marriage! Now I know some of you do not agree with gay marriage (which doesn't bother me at all) and some of you are for it and some of you don't care either way. But I know I should be focusing on things of the more important nature like the economy, gas, and etc.... but this is something that hits straight to home for me and just wanted to share a few videos with you :)

This first one is a debate (not sure if it is a presidential debate before Obama was made the Democratic runner or not)... I just know that it is from some sort of debate and Obama is in it... tho they don't get to him to answer

Gay Marriage : What's the big screaming deal? I totally agree with most of this video!

So I know that I always post videos that are FOR same sex marriage but this is a video that was done in Marietta GA. and these people are pretty much opposed... so I'm bringing you to a different side of my issue :)

That is all for the videos for now as I feel that many of you may have stopped reading at this point... My thinking is this (and it is totally MY opinion)

People quote the Bible stating that being homosexual is wrong or sinful, ok that's cool quote the Bible. But in this country don't we also look on (oh what's the word I'm looking for) incest as wrong and sinful and gross??? BUT if you think about it... how did the world populate ???? I know Adam and Eve didn't have all those kids... think about it... brothers and sisters had to have gotten married and made babies in order to procreate.... honestly.... so what's the deal with same sex marriage... ok most of you are probably thinking that I make NO sense what so ever. And NO I am not condoning brother and sisters having sex... ewww gross... lol but to each his own and I'm sure that it happens somewhere in this messed up world that we live in.....

But to end this... if same sex couples get married is it going to affect your daily life in any way? Is your morgate rate going to go up on your house? NO Is your health going to be affected in any way? NO Why is is so hard for our country (a country that was started for equal rights) to recognize that same sex couples just want to get married just like a man and a woman? Heck I was married to a man. Didn't work out for me! :) To me it's what we do behind closed doors is between us and its our right and our private matter to deal with. You know I was doing to post a video on here that had Wanda Sykes on T.V. talking about the gay marriage issues... and she made some very very interesting points... What does me wanting to legally marry my partner in life have to do with the rest of the world? Answer : it doesn't. Why does the government feel the need to get involved in my civil liberties? Answer : Why do they care? How Amy and I are together is for the better, not for the worst. I personally have had a few straight couples tell me that they wish their legal hetrosexual marriage was as happy and as fullfilling as our bond was. Truth is Amy and I fit perfectly together. We are happy. We don't fight. And we are both HAPPY. If the sancity of marrige between a man and a woman is so important to the country then why not ban divorce??? Think about it... if the country wants to preserve marriage between a man and woman sooo badly... ban divorce... divorce rates are alarmingly high... so whats the difference???

Signing off my soapbox,
Sabrae Carter


Warped Mind of Ron said...

Religion is man made and is flawed. God is about love, any kind of love. Last I checked the Church and State were supposed to be separate so any reason based on Religion isn't valid for a legal thing like marriage. Of course of a lot of women start getting married it lower my chance of hooking up with them so I guess that bugs me a little :)

Paige said...

Great boutique! And thanks so much for commenting on my blog....

TerriRainer said...

Living in Oklahoma is not so different than the views you see from Georgia. This is why I have a problem with "organized" religion. It's okay to quote the bible all day long, but what about living by it? I seem to recall something about "Judge not, lest ye be judged..."

WTF? Bible thumper are the most judge-mental group on the planet. If you don't conform to their beliefs than you are a heretic and blasphemer!

What happened to love thy neighbor? Does that only apply if they have the same beliefs?

Same sex marriages only affect those that are gaining the same rights that everybody else takes for granted. It hurts NO ONE!

Okay, sorry that I hopped on my own soap box, and I'll try and refrain, but bigoted ignorance just pisses me off!

:) Terri

BTW I am as hetero as you get, married with five kids, and raised in church...I just think people are asses at times.

Karen said...

Well said !!!

It's a question I've asked as well. As far as I'm concerned, the only two people that can theaten my marriage, is my husband or myself. Allowing same sex marriage won't.

New Zealand, where I'm originally from, has civil partnerships and also allows same someone, in a same sex relationship, to immigrate with their partner, whether they are legally married or not. You just have to prove that you are in a committed relationship. They are streets ahead of the US in that respect.

Casey said...

I don't get all the hype either. People who love each other should be able to be together. Crazy religious nuts can all go to hell in my book. Did I say that out loud?

BTW, thanks for stopping by my site.