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Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Resolution?

I really thought about making a resolution this year. I mean don't we all do it? Every year we say things like:
"This is the year I'll quit smoking"
"I'm going to volunteer more"
"Talk to friends and family more"
ETC ETC ETC.......

 But we never follow through with it.
New Year's resolutions are for the birds....

So this year my resolutions are simple.
I will continue being who I am. I'm a simple down home girl. I'll love my husband everyday, like I did in 2011. And I'll continue to be blessed with the most amazing family ever. If anything changes in my life, it won't be because of some resolution I made tonight. It will be because it was supposed to happen. :) I hope you all had an amazing New Years Eve! And I hope 2012 is the best one ever for you all!

Sabrae Culver

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Warped Mind of Ron said...

My resolutions were to gain more weight, eat more pizza and watch more porn.... think I will finally keep some resolutions this year...