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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Prehistoric Cavemen

Well I had this whole video to do planned out in my little brain. But lets face it.... I look like crap and I'm not taking the time to brush my hair for anyone. I worked all night and I'm running on two hours of sleep at the moment. So I'll just tell this story the best I can like this :)

But first I have to ask the question........why do males feel it necessary to act like prehistoric cavemen when in the presence of other males? Now I'm not calling them men....because lets face it, real "men" don't feel the need to see whose balls are bigger than whose when alcohol is involved...ok I digress. I actually shouldn't have asked that question, nor answered it that way. Because most men act like that weather alcohol is involved or not.

But anyway, back to my story. Last night at work was a pretty slow night. It wasn't until around 2am that we got a little rush of people from the bars. Which I didn't mind since I knew almost all of them anyway. 11 people in total came in at the same time. A group of 5 girls and 3 guys all came in together and another group of 3 guys came in and sat by themselves. Now from knowing most of the individuals involved, I automatically knew that beer or liquor of somesort was heavily involved. While with others, it was only mild.

Well the guys that came in with the 5 females sat at a booth all alone while the other 3 guys that came in by themselves sat a few feet away at our high bar. Things started off pretty smoothly and I was taking care of everyone and laughing and joking. Then the drunkest of the men that came in with the women gets up and goes to the high bar where the other 3 guys are and starts crap.....

Now let me back up a bit here and explain something. The 3 guys that came in with the girls are older gentlemen. Like 30's to 40's range. And the guys that came in by themselves are in their mid 20's at best. I know because one of them is an ex of mine. At first it seemed harmless enough because the other guys that were with the females were laughing etc....but then I soon realized that this man was out to prove a point and proceeded with the whole prehistoric caveman routine of "my balls are bigger than yours and I've had to much alcohol in my system so I'm going to prove it" mode. Needless to say it went downhill from there. There was no scuffle or anything but I'm sure there could have been.

But really males,,,,,why do you feel the need to act this way? It really does not impress us. And I really wish I would have remembered that my camera was in my purse because I wish now that I would have gotten the whole thing on film!
Later Taters,
Sabrae Carter


Missy said...

LOL! It gets worse with age!

Warped Mind of Ron said...

It's obvious that the Alpha Male needed to establish dominance in this new environment so as to ensure their rights to breed with the females. Geesh... seems pretty easy to understand to me.... Ug... now me want bacon!

Anonymous said...

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