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Sunday, June 6, 2010


Well I worked all night Saturday night. And then worked this morning. Needless to say I'm a little poopy tired. But on the up side I got to see the car again! You remember the car?

Yea that car. And yes I walked up to the man with the really nice car and told him that I would love to lick that car! lol He laughed so hard at me! :) Apparently this man lives near Ellijay or in Ellijay Ga. Because the girls said that he comes in like every morning on first shift. I'm sorry but we live in hillybilly podunk Ellijay......... Who lives in Ellijay and drives a car like that?

In other news we had dinner company tonight. It was nice. But she left pretty much as soon as she was done eating. I mean we try to reach out to her and it feels like she was just there out of obligation or something. Kinda rude. I mean I love the girl to death, but goodness!

I've decided to enjoy my 3 days off this week and I'm going to TRY and do NOTHING! Which I'm sure the man has other plans and will be waking me up every hour on the hour to go get something or to go do something. So I'm thinking I'm going to need plenty of rest this evening! :) Or else I might punch him.

Well that is an update. I'm sure I'll have some more for you all later :)

Later taters


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Anonymous said...

Three days off?! How did you manage that???? Enjoy.