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Friday, June 11, 2010

Missing teen found alive in the Indian Ocean

Abby Sunderland, 16, is alive and well aboard a damaged sail boat in the middle of the Indian Ocean. According to articles the young teen, trying to become the worlds youngest person to sail around the world alone, was approxamitly 2,000 miles from any land. The 40ft. sail boat suffered a lost mast and rigging after it apparently rolled in "heaving" seas. Apparently no rescue as of yet has been made, though, as her position in the middle of the Indian Ocean is 30 hours away from the nearest ship bound for her rescue, and no helicopters can reach her due to storms. Austrlian, French and Americans are all racing to the rescue though.

I have to commend the young lady for keeping it together during this time. And also have to wonder if she will keep on with her quest. Though I have to ask: What are the parents of this young girl thinking!? I mean let's start with the fact that she is ONLY 16 years old! What parent in their right mind lets a 16 year old just journey out into the OCEAN alone! These parents need some serious counseling or something! I mean to let their daughter go out and risk her life like this is insane. Anything could happen to this girl out there. Storms or anything! Hence the rescue! Apparently where she is positioned the waves alone are 40ft!

And I'm not saying that her decision to do it is wrong in any way! But for her parents to LET her do it alone is another story all together! I commend her for following her dreams.

Let me know what you think about this young lady and her accomplishments thus far.

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